Chance to Cast causes major bugs with mana display/usage

Chance to cast skills APPEAR to use mana when triggered, but in an inconsistent way - the mana orb will reduce, and if the display reaches low mana you’ll be unable to use skills, but moving your character will then revert the orb to the actual amount of mana you have.

This is easiest to duplicate with an amazon using Brand and Strafe with low mana - your orb will drop very rapidly from the CTC bone spear, but moving your character will result in the orb partially refilling. Can confirm it isn’t just strafe, as a Normal Attack will use mana as well as per the CTC Bone Spear.

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Alzorath also noted this happening with the CTC Nova on Warshrike. Hopefully this gets fixed.

Blade Fury might also have a related issue since it also has weird mana consumption behavior where it quickly drains mana but then “rolls back” and replenishes some of the mana.

Blade fury is doing it even without CTC gear

I’m aware, I tested it with an assasin without CTC gear. I was suggesting that it might be a related issue somehow since it has similarities with the mana “roll back”.