Cant enter support ticket.... haha

So now trying to enter a ticket for not being able to play just sends you in a loop of automated suggestions equal to " Unplug it and plug it back in. " Man this sure is a fun game I can’t play.

I see your other post about the queue. If you are trying to ticket for that then there is nothing CS can do to fix the queue or help you skip it.

If you are in queue, then apparently the game starts, connects, and puts you in line.

If you want a Blizzard update on the situation you can check the pinned threads at the top of the forum on it. They updated it yesterday.

Lmao. How much did you get paid to post that?

I’ve read the excuses, they aren’t good enough. Don’t make it sound like I’m the dumb one for Blizzard’s complete failure. I’m not even complaining about features. If you cannot play a game or are asked to stand in line to play it… the game is a failure. That’s what your silly little explanation post should say… " We failed and suck at our jobs, sorry. "