Cannot join in PTR online game

I can’t enter in online mode inside PTR. It is instantly giving message like “Failed to authenticate. Please try again”. And nothing changed at the moment (after 20 minutes trying). Yesterday all things were normal and I play as well (of course without changes of patch 2.4), but today are totaly wrong. Launcher hadn’t used autoupdate game at start, and manual update brought no effectivity either. I have suspicious that not only I have met that trouble.

got same issue cant cannot . no update or whatsoever. is anyone having same issue?

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Diablo II: Resurrected | PTR Maintenance 1/24

Originally Posted by Hooley (Official Post)

Hello all,

Within the hour, we will be bringing down the PTR online servers. This maintenance will assist us in preparing for tomorrow’s implementation of the new Patch 2.4 balance changes. The downtime will persist into tomorrow and end when we push the new PTR build live.

For more information on the upcoming Patch 2.4 balance changes, check out our Patch Notes. Otherwise, if you have any feedback, we encourage you to share your experiences in the PTR Feedback forum. If you believe you found a bug, please feel free to submit a report in our PTR Bug Report forum.

Thank you, testers.

No ptr still??? whats the problem? when is 2.4 ptr gonna be live?

I can’t enter them as of now 1PM (-5GMT) east time for same reasons.
Are they really coming up today or…?

Same issue here. (Failed to authenticate. Please try again)

I’m from North America (Canada).

I can’t even connect online to PTR.

“An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.”

Absolutely useless error message. Obviously, i’m connected to the internet and responding to these forums. Why can’t Blizzard development team even do the simplest of software programming? They need better development team, and hopefully Microsoft will take over completely. Blizzard is nothing but a shadow of it’s glorious past. High school students would do a better job than what they are doing today.

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