It’s been terrible all morning.
“Creating a game” then “Cannot connect to server”.
Is it just me?


thx i thought i was the only one cauz no one talking about it

started yesterday for me


Was odd for me last night, disconnects, screen tearing/flickering/random-lightening-effects… game pause, then all of a sudden my character is in a new location…
At work today, so, cannot say…

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same issue here
Cannot connect to server


nope, been the same for me too at time


Diablo 2 has always been very sensitive to packet loss.

It could be any one of the hops between your ISP and Blizzard that may be causing an issue.

If you want to investigate, download winMTR:

Plug your regions IP into WinMTR and click Start. Let it run for a good 10 minutes. It will give a good readout of how much loss you’re dealing with along with which hop(s) are causing trouble.

Diablo II: Resurrected server IPs:

Region IP Address 2nd IP Address
North America

You’ll want to run a test for both IP’s of the region you play on.

You can try starting a thread in the tech support forum:

You can also try submitting a support ticket:

Same problems here…

I did the thing with the WinMTR but im not able to understand the data.



You can export the logs of a WinMTR run which are useful for the staff maintaining the hops. You can forward them to your ISP’s tech support department, and they can then forward the information to the ISP that runs the troublesome hop.

If it’s due to faulty hardware, they can usually remedy that pretty quickly, as ISP’s usually have redundant failover hardware ready to go with the flip of a switch.

If it’s due to some jackwagon digging a hole and cutting a buried fiber route, that will take time.

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Thanks for the instructions, but I dont think thats the problem.

I saw other topics from players complaining about the same problem that has been happening for the past 24 hours or so. People trying to create games using the “Play” button, before entering in the lobby, failing 5 in 6 times, then it works one, and get back again to the same issue. In matter of fact, people can join games already created on Lobby without issue, but when a new atempt of creating a game is made, most of the times results in fail, and even if succeed, the game is created with very high ping.

Seems like a server issue.


Same prob here. It started with the DClone yesterday on ladder :confused:


It’s happening to everyone since the Dclone walk. CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER. Don’t clog up this correct thread with little personal Tier 1 help desk tech support garbage please. Blizzard needs to fix this in their actively being sold for real money game or take it off the store and offer out refunds. They can’t have it both ways.


SAME HERE WTF IS THIS !!! you think ima download all this win bullcrap
i just want to play the game


Happening to me as well. Started last night right before the dclone walk and many people in my chat was having the same issue. Still occurring today so the chance it’s a “bad hop” to the servers is very unlikely.


been lagging balls all day rubber banding then dissconecting all day what on earth is going on … :rage:


There is a thread about this issue in the Technical Support forum:

If you’re having the same issues and you haven’t posted there, do it.

Blizzard is more likely to see threads there than in the general discussion forum.

no I have it too, missed d clone yesterday because of it :cry:


Same issue here. Can join games fine but having issues creating games.

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Same here, never had issues with ping or packet loss. Today it’s been terrible. Game creation failed 30% of the times. Now it’s completely down. Got d/c and app is trying to connect…
After a minute or two, it’s back online. (Someone restarted something? :D).
It’s still failing to create games randomly…

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Ya, that isn’t the problem.

This morning it was a little out of whack


Same issue here, every second to third game i try to make fails connection.

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