Can we fix the game time-out?

  • If you try to join a full game

wait 1 minute

  • If you type the wrong password in a game

wait 1 minute

  • If you try to create a name that’s already created

wait 1 minute

Blizzard… Really???


That’s the fix.
You’re welcome.

This is a temporary fix to reduce server load.

Failing to join a game stresses out the game connect service just as much as if you were successful. If they don’t give all ppl using the service an equal CD, the load on the servers will go up.

I’m fine with game creation limits, but the above points are pretty moronic flags.

Ok now I’m done with d2r…this is so bad….

Doubt that because this issue was present from launch day

Pretty silly considering og d2 never had this issue or needed a cooldown like this, you would think that server load and efficiency would be improved 20 years later instead of regressed

This is easily one of the most annoying things about d2r

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Well I don’t know what exactly is going on there because I’m not an IT guy, but yeah Blizzards incompetence is shining again.

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I really want this fixed too. It is annoying to no end.

For 30min I can create every 30sec a game…with the new update it is 60sec and this sucks…I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed soon

It’s not a bug. They are intentionally throttling us so the servers don’t crash.

Why this server crash wasnt there at first two weeks? Where more people play this game…there was all fine with 30sec timer

The number of people playing the game increased and reached a breaking point.

It’s not a good fix. Even temporary - and blizzards definition of “temporary” is very broad.

Oh new one:

  • You do not meet the lvl requirements for this game

Wait 1 minute.

I tired to make a game right after getting this message, and it gave me the connection error… So I tried making the same game I attempted to in the first place got the

  • This game already exists

wait 1 minute…

So I tried to join that game, that I guess was created even though I didn’t create it…

  • This game no longer exists

wait 1 minute…

FFS blizzard, I just spend 5 minutes trying to make a simple game.

Yeah. This. I feel like majority of the ppl posting in this thread have not read that AT ALL. So, please, read it before making wrongful assumptions on things you guys don’t have no clue about.

LOL… i mean, in a sense, yes. True. But, what the hell are they running this game on, Modern technology or commodore 64’s ?

*looks at nvidia SHIELD and game stream, pretty impressive. Modern technology. There’s really no excuse other than someone was real damn cheap. And that stems from the coding, to the hardware. Cash grab 100%

I’m fairly confident that if they ever get the game working correctly, i will be able to enjoy untouched D2 for a long time (at least until blizz eats it). Because really… are they gonna spend more money on this cash grab to morph it into PD2 or POD like some want? I actually believed at first, they would. But as i think about it and this state… Nah… i doubt it

They’re reusing the old Vanilla WoW server blades that didn’t sell.

So just to recap… You’re tagged if:

  • You try to make a game name that already exists
  • You try to join a full game
  • You try to join a game that failed to create in the first place
  • You try to join a game with lvl restrictions
  • You try to join a game and get the wrong password

So pretty much just don’t join ppl’s games and use the “Play” button the profile and you hopefully should be safe…