Can Blade Fury get the same Targeting treatment as Inferno and Arctic Blast

“Controls are updated so that the skill now casts in free form and no longer locks onto one target at a time”

It’s used in basically the same way, and it’s got a wind up that makes it even more annoying when it locks onto targets and ends when they die, causing you to start the wind up again. You end up needing to start casting on random parts of the screen to just cast free form. Single target lock also sucks because the blades travel slowly, and a moving target will almost always out pace your shots with it’s tracking.

Would be a nice QoL change.

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Came her for this.

You NEVER want to shoot a single target and then stop, while you’re still holding down the attack button.

Especially not when surrounded by mobs and your life depends on your life leech proccing.

It’s pretty much exactly like Inferno and Arctic Blast, except it’s initial casting time is far worse.
I wish they overhauled the animations as well, initiating the first throw as fast as the second.
Tie throw speed to attack speed, and it’s golden.


It attacks at 6 frames and nothing can affect it. Why would you want a blade fury that starts at 13-14 frames and needs massive ias boosts to fiction as it currently does?

learn to click behind your target, that way you can switch between multiple targets without wind-up time.