Cain in wrong spot in a5

He’s by queu heigan instead of next to the WP.

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This change has been there from the start.

I think the point is it shouldn’t have been changed to begin with, regardless if it has “been there from the start”. Go play old bnet D2 you will see Cain by the waypoint. So, something’s wrong, no?

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This is the exact opposite of the truth. He’s only ever been by the waypoint in mods. Literally in the changelog of every major mod.

He does walk. Rarely that will make him track to the waypoint by random chance.

This is not the whole story. He was originally by the gate when LoD launched but he was moved by the wp and stash in 1.10 only on, but left in his original spot for SP for some reason. He is currently by the stash in legacy live 1.14 D2 on


Huh, guess I played too much plugy. Could swear that’s where he was on bnet, too.

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I was just saying that this was already a known issue.

Cain is by the waypoint on real Diablo 2 battlenet and has been for many patches. You aren’t imagining it and it is not exclusive to PlugY. (The following paragraph is not directed at your Tallic)

Anyone who disputes this can find this talked about going all the way back to the early 2000s. Cain was moved several patches ago for Battlenet however not for Single Player. The maps in Legacy D2 for Harrogath are literally different between multiplayer and Single Player. The reason that people are complaining about Cain’s location is because Cain is in the wrong location for multiplayer games. D2R is using the wrong Harrogath map. It’s that simple. If a search on Google and the several historical discussions on the topic aren’t enough to make my statements believable, feel free to make a character on D2 in the current available patch and go to Act V and find Cain walking by the waypoint, where he is much more useful, and where he should be for multiplayer games.

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FIFY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yes agreed.

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I agree, it should “all” as well, however, from a “technical” standpoint, it’s just supposed to be multiplayer. :slight_smile:

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In terms of having D2R represent legacy LoD exactly I agree, but there’s some argument to be made that it never arriving on SP was simply oversight at the time and then lack of resources dedicated to the game meant it was never fixed. I will admit that I didn’t do a ton of research on the full patch notes, so if it explicitly states that it was changed for MP only on purpose, then maybe dev intention was indeed to screw over SP even more :slight_smile:

What’s weird, is that I looked for the change in the patch notes, and I couldn’t find it in any of them, perhaps an overlook on my part, but that’s why I looked on Google, and resorted to finding the discussion going back so far as the early 2000s.

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It’s been nearly 2 years since old Cain wandered off from his proper spot in Act 5, the devs should give him a hand and help him back next to the stash.

Currently he’s next to the well which is his original spot when LoD started, then with patch 1.10 of original D2 he was moved next to the stash on Bnet (on single player he stayed by the well).

It’s an annoying QoL regression to have him by the well where he’s too far away to identify items, please bring him back closer.


I learned something new/that I had forgotten today - I am glad you guys stated where this came from as I can imagine many at Blizz would argue he is where he belongs!

Put cain where he is needed so I can ID my manalds!