[Bug/Suggestion] Diablo Clone

Diablo Clone.
I consider it as a bug, but it might not be a bug.

Diablo Clone “Walks the Earth” too many times.
The game is filled with Annihilus Gems.
I have killed Diablo Clone approximately 4 times more or less within 2 hours. According to me, Diablo Clone should “Walk the Earth” once a week, to make Diablo Clone a uniq boss.

Diablo Clone should only be able to “Walk the Earth” on NONE password protected games on close battle.net, so the competition is still on.
I can trap Diablo Clone by making my own password protected game & Diablo walks right into my trap & he is my “Diablo Clone” without any competition.

It should not be allowed to Jail Diablo Clone with password protected games.

Thank you for reading this.

You did not reference the method used to spawn dclone: hint, there is a cost and if it is paid, he will walk.

This is how it has always worked (although made simpler by removing IP hunting).

The devs considered the mechanics of dclone and made changes - doubt they will make it so much harder by making it only available on open games (1 person will get and the rest disappointed - and it will be the bots that win, even if they don’t kill dclone)

I dont care about what method is being used to spawn Diablo Clone.
Diablo Clone is still Walking the Earth too many times.