Buff the Splendor Runeword-Nerf Spirit

I dont see why Spirit as a shield has FCR FHR and resists, life gets +2 to all skills and only takes up to a Amn Rune.

Meanwhile Splendor gets +1 to all skills.

Spendlor gets 1-2 to all skills. Spirit as a shield gets +1 to all skills. So you choose between offense(skills) or defense like more FHR resists, life and FCR.


I would rather ask a question: Isn’t Spirit still endgame good for normal difficulty runes? And problem being there? But people don’t like nerfs. It is as it is.

Well that would be the whole point

There would still be a +2 all skills shield in the game for those who need it but the massive bonuses of Spirit would be confined to a +1 skill shield.

Level 28

Tbh I really dont care that Spirit exists, but, there’s like no other choice. EVERY character runs around with a Spirit.

Even if you take the skill bonus away, entirely, it’s still the best shield in the game. All other shields have +1, and do not have 55 fhr, 35 fcr, huge life/mana and resist.


At least give it competition that makes sense as currently you can basically trash nearly every other shield outside of paladin rw bases and a few ultra rare necro heads (yellows).

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I think by “Spirit” word, meaning is something spiritual, out of this world, mental, energy.
I think it should associate with Mana, Energy, FCR.
I think it should not associate with physical things like Vitality, Life, FHR.
So I think if Spirit removed Vitality and FHR altogether, it would be more meaningful.
And to top it off make it 1-2 skills roll.