Bring back ES by fixing Mana Burn

Its time for the mana burn bug to be fixed (dealing 256 times the damage to mana) so we can actually see use for the Energy Shield. Right now, Energy Shield is absolutely useless outside of PvP. This bug should have been fixed a long time ago and is not working as intended. Thoughts?


Agreed. I’d love to make an es Nova sorc for PvM.

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Mana drain bug is not making the game more difficult, or more fun.

It’s just annoying imo.
I’d love to build something around ES, how it was meant to be.


Yes please, fix mana burn devs.


Just curious, have you tried to use ES in recent history?

I leveled a HC SSF sorc recently, and ES was essential to me. It worked great. Maybe twice in my entire run I lost ES because of mana burn? It was such a non-issue that I can’t really remember. People like to mention it as an issue even though it’s a small fraction of mobs you will encounter. But you are usually keeping a nice distance from those mobs since you’re a sorc. The whole “ES is useless because of the mana burn bug” thing seems highly exaggerated and hyperbolic to me after that experience, like a thing people read and then start repeating without actually trying it. Not saying that’s you specifically, that’s just the general feeling I get when I see people talking about it.

Anyway, I’m not saying don’t fix mana burn. It could definitely be made to be more fair. I think they should fix it because it’s bugged. (I think they should still aim to keep it scary and punishing, just more fair.) Don’t really need much other excuse to fix it. The impact on ES specifically just seems a bit overblown to me. To me, melee builds are way more impacted by it than any caster or ranged build.

(Seriously, the worst mob in the game for a barbarian is a pack of mana burn Death Lords in one of those narrow frozen tunnels in act 5. Brutal. And I even like that it’s brutal. But these things could be made more fair.)

My favorite suggestion for fixing mana burn comes from an older thread. Basically make it behave like Crushing Blow against your mana. Every hit will sap some % of your remaining mana (possibly even total mana). I don’t know what the right % should be. But I think it’s a cool idea.


Not sure what sort of sorc you’re running, but I can see this bug being more problematic for nova sorcs.

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Frozen Orb and Chain Lightning. Yeah for Nova it would be a lot more of a problem since you have to stand still while spamming and can’t keep range.

You did one run. Some people are farming gear or trying to reach high levels with sorc, which means much more instances of mana burns daily.

It is weird that devs decided to nuke top shapeshifters, because their IAS calculations were “quirky”, but ignore obvious miscalculation in mana burn. Is it too hard to fix (“don’t roll your own floats”) or is it left as a feature because it is disadvantageous to players (Ebug, a similar miscalculation, was removed before release)?


One question, have you tried running any other sorc build, recently?

It is a ennemy boss modifyier, it is supposed to be annoying.

In hc, getting mana burned while teleporting is what can kill you.

If you make mana burn not steal all mana, it becomes a useless boss attribute (and it is already a weak one, except for 2 cases: ES sorc and hc).

How do you suggest they fix it though? Back down to x1 damage or? Just in case they do read this but not sure what a “fix” is. Immortal sorc sounds pretty meh

Yeah, plz fix mana burn bug. I’d love to try an ES/Enchant melee build, but playing as a melee character and get all your mana depleted in one shot makes this build impractical. Taking 1/4 out of your total mana seems more reasonable…


Are you quite sure it’s not working as intended.? You’d have to think it would be easy to change the vakue in the code if they wanted to. This has been in the game for 20 years.

Ye it’s a bug it’s supposed to deal damage to your mana = to the damage done to your health which for melee would be their entire mana anyways but it’s doing 256x that damage or something making any hit drain your mana flat.


While they are at it, they should just remove the Teleport from Occulus so its not total trash in HC anymore.

That is the good combination. Nova needs standing still and ES should save the sorceress. Also the path in the Lightning tree save skill points to invest.

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Mana Burn in Diablo 2 /= Mana Burn in Warcraft 3.

Warcraft 3 mana burn scales, doesnt destroy all mana in 1 hit. The same should be true in Diablo 2. I believe the reason mana burn depletes 100% of mana was to catch people off guard if they didnt use proper mana management equipment and items. I agree it needs to be reworked somehow.

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If you are running a 300 mana spec than I can see your mana pool being removed entirely but when you are rocking 1500/2000 mana points, you should be able to take more than one hit.

Any attribute is supposed to be annoying but this one just kills ES focused builds.
Fixing won’t make sorc any more stronger than she is already.

Also is a known bug, not a intended mechanic, so there’s little to defend.

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I agree on taking 1/4 out of your total mana seems more reasonable.

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Good points LoveBugs and CharlesJT. 300-500 per hit does make sense.

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