Bone Necro Synergies Rework

Bone necro is weak in pve, and good in pvp. I believe if you condense the synergies it would fix the pve aspect, without drastically changing pvp.

Here’s what I would do:
Remove bone wall and bone prison synergies from the offensive spells.
Bone Spirit gets 14% per point from bone spear and teeth
Bone Spear gets 14% per point from bone spirit and teeth
Teeth gets 30% per point from bone spear and bone spirit

This way they are actually a good investment for pve because there’s enough points left for other skills, and pvp isn’t really effected because people would still opt for bone armor, bone wall, and bone prison for survivability.


This. Fully agree would open many doors for cross building, since current amount needed to invested for damage to be reasonable, makes it hard to really make any meaningful dips anywhere else.

Still think the investment into two synergies past the prime skiller, would prevent it from becoming too OPed by just getting best of all.

Bone Necromancers typically have to invest 100 points to maximize Bone Spear. I can’t think of another build that requires 100 skill points to max out a skill. Most require 60 to at most 80 but Bone Spear is the only skill that I can think of that requires that much investment. Reducing it to 60 would indeed help immensely and would match Poison skill investment.

However, your synergy bonuses would have to be increased to 16% to match the current parameters. Otherwise you’ll be “nerfing” Bone skills from their current 2.4 levels.

Yes, I left the synergies to the old values on purpose because the pvp players claim the new parameters are overpowered.

If you had enough points to have a maxed out skeleton army or max corpse explosion it wouldn’t need to be any more powerful than it already was for pve.

The problem is that in order to maximize its damage it takes 100 points, which basically pigeon-holes the build into a pvp only spec.