Blizzard's false advertisement on server stability

There must be a law for falsely advertising the stability of online services. Before launch a Blizzard employee stated “New server equipment, no lagging or wait times”. We now know this is false advertisement, I feel like governments should step in with SOME kind of action, at least a 30day period for Blizzard to hold true to it’s promises, or be prosecuted with fraudulently advertising a product or service, & fined a hefty amount so this never happens again.


Could you please link me to that statement? I was not aware they said that, or that any game company has. I am not aware of any company able to deliver that sort of thing. None of them own the internet between our homes and the end servers - which is what it would take to monitor lag.

The Queue in this case is because the Global database can’t handle the volume of data being thrown at it. They decided to put the old database code over all the regional datacenters and platforms. That is what gives us the Global cross progression. However, that database falls over dead and takes down D2R on all platforms when it goes.

So, they are queuing us while they work on fixing the database code. There is a pretty detailed post up top of the forums about it. Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward

This is not a hardware issue - it is a database coding issue.

That said, queue sucks. Currently I am at 168.


It’s a database coding issue? … no it’s a bandwidth issue because they are using old equipment. Try again.

Im sure OP will provide, but I remember something similar myself. I believe it was during a recorded interview.


yeah the chaining games quick without issues was advertised as a feature now they blame us for it and add a cooldown.

kind of hilarious :smiley:


I mean, I was excited about the mod support.

You clearly work for Blizzard, everyone of your post is defending blizzard bad practices. If you don’t work for Blizzard, why are you replying and belittling everyone’s complaint of the poor online services and broken servers :smirk:


They provided a detailed statement about what the cause was. And what they were doing about it.

You having a different opinion (???) means absolutely nothing. Also, the dozens of theories being thrown around with “authority” about what actually is happening mean nothing either.


Their statement is not in line with what’s actually happening with the servers, It’s a bandwidth issue with old hardware, not a coding issue. I think you will believe anything they tell you :smirk:

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We’ve already had a 30 day period and it’s only gotten worse lol


It’s a database coding issue?


Why this is happening:

In staying true to the original game, we kept a lot of legacy code. However, one legacy service in particular is struggling to keep up with modern player behavior.

This service, with some upgrades from the original, handles critical pieces of game functionality, namely game creation/joining, updating/reading/filtering game lists, verifying game server health, and reading characters from the database to ensure your character can participate in whatever it is you’re filtering for. Importantly, this service is a singleton, which means we can only run one instance of it in order to ensure all players are seeing the most up-to-date and correct game list at all times. We did optimize this service in many ways to conform to more modern technology, but as we previously mentioned, a lot of our issues stem from game creation.

This is what Blizzard is officially saying is the root cause of the issue and why we currently have queues. Without queues, the server would be crashing every day for 2-4 hours during peak times.

no it’s a bandwidth issue because they are using old equipment. Try again.

Wrong. You tend to be wrong about many things though so no surprise here.

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Great point, these people are not thinking critically. There has to be accountability.

I think she is right it’s a software issue with the structure of how it was designed. They made predictions and some were wrong.
Throwing more servers at it won’t fix it. I think with time this will all go away, but til then it’s pretty annoying

. . . Um. . . No, try again. :joy: . .

blah blah blah
yada yada yada

its new, its more popular than they anticipated. Clearly there are millions of people playing who aren’t crying about it.

It’s a bandwidth issue with old hardware, not a software issue.

Ever heard the saying, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt”? You should practice that.

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Yah, lets let companies get away with false advertisement & poor services. Try again :smirk:


You keep saying this, but you have no way to prove it and all you are doing is proving how much you don’t know about how computers, servers, applications and the internet in general work.

Explain please how exactly you know it is an issue with the old hardware? Please use big boy words and actual technical information.


ignore him, he’s probably some 19 y.o. “intellectual” that thinks he has all the answers to every problem that’s ever happened. The fact he refuses to provide any source for his claims or expand on why he thinks it’s a “bandwidth” issue speaks volumes

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