Blizzard will no longer serve Legacy Diablo II

Legacy Diablo II is no longer Blizzard’s game.
They will not take care of any future problems.

Our users are worthless to them.
We’re just fly who bother them.

Everyone, get out of here.
And delete it.

Goodbye. We won’t see any more of your posts–correct?

No. Someone’s gonna keep doing it.
I wrote “If you want to give up, give up.” But Not me.
You’re just one of those people hanging around here.
Like me.

Blizzard simply ignores you–as you (and everyone else) know(s).
I am not “hanging around here”. I am looking for info.
You are not. You are just a whinger (not a surprise).

Thank you for turning me into a whining trash.

I knew the person in charge didn’t exist in the first place. And
I knew Blizzard’s CS level was closed and a mess.
However, it was only a pity that the game was ruined by one or two malicious users in vain.

Actually, there’s no reason for this forum to exist.
As expected, Blizzard.

There were quite a few people who paid for classical games while recalling old memories through the Resurrected, so I should ask them to refund it. (Games are still on sale)

It’s a mess because the server is just like you.
Good luck. I hope you find the information well in a place where no one is around.