Blizzard, Last Minute Changes To Consider

for A5 meric axes is much better then sword…eth more damage, more runeword, more unique item…

Insight is the best merc weapon from 27 to around 60…

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This post must be seen. I got really similar thought related to druid, barb and sorc. Same vibes man :100: I would add maybe some few things:

  • Wake of Fire needs dmg synergy boost from 10% to 15%
  • Wake of Inferno needs dmg synergy boost from 18% to 20%
  • If they are afraid of letting wereform using Teleport than +1% frw per level on Lycantrophy is a must. This is last class that can’t use tele right now. Even bowas with latest damage boost can now use Enigma easily.



Thanks, as they are hesitant to allow teleporting in shapeshifted form, they should atleast grant FRW to Lycanthropy as a compromise.

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I agree, You are a wolf so you should move like one for the fantasy.

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Agreed, a fast Werewolf fits the fantasy and hopefully they will consider it.

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Act 5 Barbarian Warrior

  • Can now use axes and maces

  • Change Taunt/BattleCry To Sworld/Axes/Maces Mastery


Definitelly Agree. I’ll add my feedback and details

Martial arts assasin is not stronght enought. Lets be honest, she is fun to play. But she is extremally weak chaos slayer.


  • Crescent moon now can be made in claws.
  • Whirlwind now release martial arts stacks ( !!! )

Martial Arts Sin

  • +% damage from facets now does work with martial arts skill tree.
  • Fire traps definitelly need a buff for hell difficulty.

Summon Druid

He does not have enought damage. Summon necro is WAY better. He offers corpse explosion, which is game changer, curses and x3 time more summons.

*Add synergy to wolves and bear +10% damage per level

Act 5 merc

Allow him to use axes. Thats all. Nothing more is needed.


CE only saves time. There are very few situations where it is really essential. I suspect Druid summons were never intended to stand alone, but to compliment other builds like fissure.

Agreed, hope they allow act 5 merc to use axes.

Blizzard, hope you are still considering a few more changes before you close shop.

Agree to everything. Only one thing though rabies is still too weak anyway even with bis gear u will reach around 50-60k poison damage but with a 20sec + duration u are looking at 2500-3000 dps. But anyway some great suggestions

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Agree, hope they seriously consider further buffs to Rabies as it is an extremely fun build.

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Blizzard, before you finalize the official patch notes for 2.4, hope you consider buffing a few more class skills -

  • Blade Fury
  • Lycanthropy
  • War Cry
  • Raise Skeletal Mage
  • Thunderstorm

Thanks for consideration and know you guys are working hard!

Blizzard, hope you are still considering a few more changes before you officially release 2.4.

Instead of giving them staffs, let them block and I’d rather give them at least one good runeword for swords that has increased casting speed + skill + and elemental damage+. With out making it must have for sorcerers but just a option. Though I am for orbs being given to them.

Though a teleport they use on being struck AI wise would make sense.

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I hope some more changes will be released with 2.4. A lot of these are good suggestions.

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Yeah, giving Act 2 merc teleport on being struck would definitely help them stay alive.

A3 merc needs a Magic element variant

Blessed Hammer/Holy Bolt/Holy Shield

(But he would have to be able to block with shield too - i dunno if he can or not)

Nope, none of them can still. It would be a bit of advantege in surviveabiliy makeing them more viable, outside normal difficulty.