Blizzard got your money, now they dont care

Glad I sold my shares when I did.

That is a bit cowardly don’t you think?
Heck, I guess you could easily be punked out of 40 bucks am I right?

Broken or not, failed or not, its still much better Diablo then Diablo 3. Not even a fair contest cause D3 was tailored for gimps and forum trolls. But i get your point and im sorry for you.

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that or they bash something becouse its not the best evar or such
Bethesda has gotten crap for many many years long b4 FO76, yeah im going to say it the game is under-rated (still has issues) but there other games like doom 2016/doom eternal and such still get bash coz ‘bethesda’ thouse are awesome f-in games …
blizzard just been crap for long time

D3 is better then D2R currently Fact.

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Guess you missed this

Borked classic code causing issues, surely though its because Activision(you know the actual people who aquired Blizzard/ now own it) neeeded the extra cash, surely there is no other explanation needed.

" Activision Blizzard is one of the biggest players in the industry, with 2020 net revenue of $8.1 billion and net income of $2.2 billion. 3 Its market capitalization was $71.6 billion as of July 9, 2021. "

and yet they are so “CRAP” people still subbing/purchasing titles/ CashShop buys

-2/10 try again

Bait and Switch fraud hasn’t been made legal.

It’s still illegal.

Sad but true.

So I dub thee, unforgiven.

i have played since launch with no issues.
in single player… game is complete from act 1 to act 5
your argument is dead

Ah yes, the garbage games.

Lets see what the internet has to say about this.

Searching for the best virtual card games in 2021: Whoops, i see Hearthstone.
… best RTS in 2021: Whoops, i see Starcraft 2.
… best MMORPG in 2021: Whoops, still see WoW.
… best ARPG in 2021: Somehow i still see Diablo 3.

For some reason, all their garbage games turn up in the leaderboards of the respective genre. So either everyone but you is on Blizzards payroll or literally every other developer is even worse than Blizzard.

Yes you’re very brave for posting on a forum. :joy:

While I like D2 better than D3, D3 doesn’t make me wait in a queue for an hour to play

Just tried to get into the game. 150 in que just makes me want to never play this game. So sad, I really tried to give them the benefit of the doubt

It’s pretty sad that the online gaming experience with Diablo was so much better over 20 years ago, considering dial up modems were the norm at that time.

Blizzard obviously has no shame. This was basically like a well coordinated scam. Pay $40 for a game that can’t be played. What a rip off.

wait 60 seconds? wait 30+ minutes to play for 20 minutes just to crash and wait again? Sometimes in que for over an hour, you fool.

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I’ve personally never had a queue that long, most I’ve waited is 15m and I played for about 16 hours on saturday and crashed twice the entire time and was back in in about 5 minutes each time. Sorry about your luck but at least I’m a fool that’s apparently playing more than you. :sweat_smile:

Ya, youre a liar too lol.

The problem is THEY SAID THEY ARE FINISHED. They released the game a full “Blizzard AAA game price box release”. They are on the hook. FULLY.

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Ok bud, Keep telling yourself that. pats head