Battle Command should be granting more than 1 skill point

Right now, it doesnt matter if you have level 1 battle command from CTA or level 50.
You only get +1 skill…just the duration changes and can be easily refreshed

Wouldnt it make sense that if you put more points into it , it gives you extra skill points …like roughly 15 skill points–1 extra level of skills ?


It would make sense.
But it would also break the game.
So no.
Edit: Oh boy, I’m rather stupid. I thought OP meant +15 to all skills…
But I’m still against more + to all skills, because there is so much already.

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How would it break the game if you get Battle command to level 15 and it increases all skills by +2?

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Maybe +1 skill point every 5 levels when skill reach lvl 10:

Lvl 1-9 → +1 all skills
Lvl 10-15 → +2 all skills
Lvl 16-20-> +3 all skills
Lvl 21-25 → +4 all skills
Lvl 26-30-> +5 all skills

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every 5 would be too much. but maybe every 10

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Oh, I misread. I thought he meant +15 to skills…
But I think there is already a lot of + to skills in the game, so I wouldn’t even increase it to +2.

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Every 10 points could be the right amount.

So in that case you invest +10 points into Battle command and when you count all the +1 increase everywhere, you get maybe like +25 skills increase combined (if you unlock all skills with 1 point). In people groups its even better.
But still you will care mostly about increase to Main attack skill, Weapon mastery, BO, Shout, Iron skin, Natural res, Increased speed, new Grimward, Item find. So 9 skills, its almost the same putting 10 skills into Battle command as directly +1 skill to every one of mentioned ones.

It should not add skills.
It should add +Damage and +Attack rating then:

  • Shout - defense buff
  • BO - life buff
  • Command - offensive buff

Thats also good idea. Buffing party, merc, yourself with direct flat damage, which is a thing barb is missing a lot. Will be less weapon dependand. Great


Agreed, Battle Command should increase skills every 10 skill points.


I just think if you got to lvl 50 Battle Command wouldnt + 5 skills be alot?

Only reason why i listed 15 levels not 10. Maybe 10 is better ur right