Anyone else having trouble creating or joining games tonight?

ever since around noon today, having tons of trouble joining or creating games.

screen hangs up on the black screen with the diablo 2 logo in the bottom right, whenever i exit a game. doesn’t matter if it’s a public game like a baal run, or a private solo game. it’s so persistent sometimes i’m having to alt-F4 out of the game completely, and restart and rejoin battlenet.

also having trouble joining games. the box will pop up that says it’s joining the game, then it’ll freeze for a full minute, then go back to the lobby and say the game is no longer available.


I’ve noticed some issues tonight as well, mainly slow load into games, and black screen hang upon exiting that switches me to the offline tab once it clears. Also noticed that the usual 1 queue less than two minutes hadn’t been appearing when I log onto bnet.

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Yep it has been laggy creating games for me too.

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I’m having the issue as well. So far, only quitting everything and remaking solves it but it makes my p8 chains very difficult to host

It’s for the true d2 experience. We get to have issues loading games and when we do, you teleport into a group of mobs but have no idea for 15 seconds because you hit 3k ping from teleporting once.

I think they are getting another DDOS attack… same thing happened a few weeks ago and again last week if I am not mistaken.

Can’t even connect now. Failed to join server, can’t authenticate.

i think you may be right, i can’t even log on to play now

Problems joining and creating games since yesterday night.

Yes! 100%, it is taking for ever to load game names, make a game, join a game, even logging in.

yeah its rlly bad keeps getting stuck then says unable to join game then i make game

I just want to get pumped up on happy and go kill stuff in D2, but I find out they still have trouble on their servers? well, away i go to watch videos. I’ll try again tomorrow after I am done running errands.

NOTHING wrong with being an omnivore, nothing at all.

im having very slow load times, failed to joins, authentication errors, i missed d clone because game crashed and he spawned as i was restarting also having horrible lobby experience. i love playing a game that gives me anxiety that at any second for any reasons it will crash while equiping items droping items to id this is why i dont even bother with thw end game uber content ive been scresed out of so many organ sets cuz game will crash after 1 or 2 ubers out of 3…sooo annoying and honestly its getting old af and needs to get addressed

Feels like im on that good ol’ dial up!
Thanks for the nostalgia Blizzard!

still doing it today

Been seeing several black screens while loading, even one right after the DII intro logo, failures to connect, have to repeatedly click the “Online” tab. Some of the black screens are very long, so I end up Alt+F4ing and restarting. Once I get in the game though it plays fine, no random disconnects or anything, ping is fine.

Authentication servers having issues maybe?

same once again bliz fks up

Today was especially bad~ Whole day of trouble joining/creating, and 10 mins ago, I officially can’t log in.

everything working fine & as intended ( for them )

ruin inc. : /

I noticed the black screen when leaving a game as well. Sometimes over 20 seconds or so i think.