Any viable martial arts builds?

Just started a brand new assassin (never played before). All of the builds I find are traps and blades.
Can anyone link me or help me theorycraft a viable martial arts/shadow discipline- centric build to get through Hell? Traps and blades just don’t seem that interesting to me

check out Maxroll site.

in assassin builds, you can follow the phoenix strike Assasin, it is probably the easiest melee guide, for getting a melee assassin through hell due to having multiple damage types.

but important to read up on the build in other places too, starting hell with too low a level or resistance on a melee build can be terrible. and an important note! you need 1 point in the cloak of shadows… it will save you a lot.

I would recommend not going melee the first time playing through the game it is waaaaaaay harder than any caster build/magic.

probably the easiest is a Fishymance if you are a first-timer. it is slow but easy.

Thanks for the recommendations!
To clarify, by “never played before” I mean I’ve never played assassin before. I’ve played the game quite a lot but for some reason never bothered to try that class out

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