Any one else currently stalled in Queue?

any one else not moving in queue right now? Pc, americas, 156 for 35 minutes. Just curious if this is the new thing or not.

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No, it is not new. The queue number does not update in real time. You will go from 175 to 55 to IN.

They mention it in the patch notes.

We should note that the higher your queue number appears, the slower the number will refresh in the prompt. The number is still refreshing in the background, so we do not recommend leaving queue as this will create further delays to you entering the game during these high traffic windows.

Fair, I guess im looking at the wrong patch notes. wish they’d have kept it in the same format as before with each patch still listed together.

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Yup - every morning , same place, same time.

Just don’t log out once you’re in :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it was the 15th when they added the queue so the Global Database would not keel over and die.

I am currently at 67 which is down from 173 where I started. It did not “count down” though.

I just plan for a 30-40 min queue and then don’t log out! It has no AFK timer so if you don’t crash you can stay in all day.

167 for 20 minutes now. But thats about normal each and every morning.

I will say this though. I find it odd (if you go back through my posts) how many times i have posted queue at this time, and its nearly ALWAYS identical. One thing is for sure. That number, is NOT an actual player count.

That just seems poppy cocky.

Nope. It is some sort of arbitrary queue position number. If it is below 100 it may be about 20 mins. If it is in the upper 100’s I plan for 45 mins or so.

Yea, pretty much, I have come to think its more of a time formula. I do much like you. Plan around it. That usually means, Forum time.

Not my experience. I went from waiting to suddenly in the offline tab to back in queue at a higher number again. I did my part I waited patiently.

maybe no crash timer just getting crashed randomly at shenk lol

Yeah that seems to happen to me sometimes too. It is VERY frustrating. You think you are through only to start all over again.

Was in a queue @ 170…finally ge t on…back in a queue @ 223. This shlt is unplayable.

I’m in the que it is moving just slowly. Maybe my imagination but the que seems slower last few days

…and if it’s above 300… it is time to find something else to do today.

This game is completely broken and they have no idea how to fix it. This is worse than WC3

I gave up the other day too probably not a bad thing though I’ve been spending way too much time on my a$$ in front of d2 lately lol

Wait, what? that loop to offline is STILL NOT FIXED?

Its in the patch notes, theres been like 9 stealh updates i can count (prolly more)… sigh, really?

to be frank i lost hope of anything ever being fixed by this company when the d3 devs didnt know what a HoZ was “because they didn’t play paladin”

I think it’s not unreasonable to expect some ability to plan our lives around the queue. To punish people who don’t sit at the computer diligently for possibly HOURS to monitor our positions to ensure we weren’t accidentally bumped into the offline tab is a bit much.

Took me the longest time ever this morning. Someone texted super early and woke me up. Once I wake up it’s hard for me to go back to bed so I figured I’d do some runs before work with my morning coffee. Took me like 70 mins to get through the queue and that was all the time i had lol.