"An error occured with the game servers..."

Anyone else tired of this? This error occurs whenever I try to join another game after I leave the first game of the session. I can connect and join a game just fine but every time I try to join or create a game after the first game I receive this error. I have to close and reconnect to battle.net. These bugs are making it hard to be excited about this game


This isn’t a bug, it’s a result of trying to leave/rejoin games too quickly and is one of the mitigation measures in place while the devs work on the overall server stability. If you want to provide feedback on this, you can post in #general-discussion, but the best thing you can do to prevent them for now is to wait about 60 seconds between leaving/creating or rejoining games. This should prevent you from triggering the game creation spam lockouts that cause this error in this situation.

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Waiting 1.5 hours in Que. To then wait 60 seconds every time you try to join a full game, or accidently join the wrong game… Goes to show how terrible these measures are.

Trash in… Trash out…

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