Am i the only looser on ladder not finding high runes?

Actually this is a good point too. I heard 6 hours shopping Anya might get you a 3/20 gloves, which usually fetch HR values. Just I always get bored and quit after 6 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want to pick a spot and count the average number of each type of mob over 10 runs (don’t bother with Worldstone) I’ll do the math. What I won’t do is go count them everywhere lmao. Cows is easy because it is one mob type and the Uniques etc.

Arcane is neat because it has a lot of spookies :ghost: . That being said it isn’t easy for every class to kill them where they will drop stuff. On top of that repositioning them takes time. That lowers efficiency.

It shouldn’t need to be stated but probably does, that not every spec is efficient. Summon Necromancers can murder everything, just not very fast. If you want to stick your boot in the ground, and maybe make your hustling money on other items that drop, there are only about 4 specs that do this very well without much gear. I assume if you have no to little runes, that is at least somewhat the case. Two are tied to Infinity, one is tied to running Chaos and Trav, which leaves a low geared player one choice (if you want to be optimal). Free cookie :cookie: if you can guess what it is. That doesn’t mean you can’t make hay with the other three, but everything else will be slower. With a bunch of gear, you are still only adding about 3-4 more decent farming specs.

If you need variety to the scale of doing anything, so you don’t get burned out, and lack decent or above average gear, it sadly leaves you with one choice.

Teemo is also correct, if you want to use 4-6 hours to farm a vendor, sometimes more, that can be a pretty good way to get you started, as well as knowing what commonly disregarded items to check when you farm.

I want to guess; sharing my thoughts first

  1. Blizzard sorc, everybody starts with it for a reason; cold immune would be a problem, though
  2. Hammerdin is probably the second popular option, must be in the list; not sure he needs Enigma or not
  3. Javazon is quite good, especially for cows, may or may not need Infinity I’d say, but definitely “tied” to Infinity
  4. Trapsin should be friendly to budget gear too; but probably needs Infinity too, if not more than Javazon
  5. Lightning sorc (or nova, not sure) should be very efficient farming while carrying a lot of MF, but definitely need Infinity and in general more expensive

So, here is my answer: Javazon and Trapsin are tied to Infinity, Hammerdin tied to Chaos and Trav, and the answer is Blizzard sorc. Do I get the free cookie??

Nope. 75% right with the specs. You aren’t thinking about efficiency, going anywhere you want, and having mediocre gear as the whole puzzle. (Lol puzzle :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hey Teemo—

I found a red one —only one open socket tho

If you buy (for discounted price ofc) I will give all proceeds to OP

It took me two hours to find one—however, I was also looking for my (2X) 3 War Cry spears (which I also found) so figure an hour of real grind. My socket quest wasn’t a success but almost got a pretty high rune for doing “nothing”

In a way, “finding” HR can be done somewhat easily—just need determination 🫠

I hope this helps Kanos—rooting for you mate !

Thanks Rek,

I bought alot 1os when i first started doing this and it just sitting in my stash. I really need the 2os. Thank you!

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I didn’t see gold on current list—should I not continue the socket gamble? Lol

yeah. no gold. only red black blue green

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Ok—hitting the hay now. I am gonna find a green one tomorrow—I can feel it lol

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Try different types of runs. I’ve found lo vex and gul key running with sorc(arcane sanctuary, hall of vaught. Only gotten ist so far trav barb corpse running. Gotten mid runes chaos running with hammerdin. I change it up to keep it interesting

You guys are awesome… if you only knew how much it helped me <3 love you guys

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Perspective is like a pair of prescription glasses, now you can at least read the chalkboard right? :champagne:

teemo… are you secretly trying to make your own power rangers?

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