Am i the only looser on ladder not finding high runes?

just wondering if others are having the same issues as me

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I still get excited when a Sol drops, since even that level is rare for me. I’m lvl 88. Nothing above a Lem has EVER dropped for me. Farming Lower Kurast, Cows, Baal, and Diablo more times than I can count.

Sorry to hear that. I was the same until i kept grinding and grinding killing tons of monsters.

In addition, I noticed i get more mid high rune drops when i create chaos runs with lots of people in the game.

I found gul, lem, and ohm this week.

Plus i found Lo runes making public baal games.

Solo mfing really doesnt give me much runes to brag about.

Good luck and just keep slaying.

I got lucky last week in worldstone lvl1, got an um.

Thats the highest I ever found on ladder.

Hellforge did me a solid and dropped a Mal. Thats all i have on Ladder.

I usually farm in lower areas for crafting mats and ive found multiple ists and mals and a gul,even had a ber drop in the forgotten tower. Don’t discount acts 1 and 2, the clear speed is insane and it will mix up your grind and give you some different scenery,keep that rinse and repeat fatigue at bay :slight_smile:

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Took me 5 months to drop something higher than a Vex, but I got Jah Ber Jah within like a day after I got the first Jah.


Its just rng, you cant do nothing about it.

I found more (high) runes on 1 month Ladder, than 5 month on NL.
It’s also because i really grinded the MF Areas, which i didn’t on NL, where I was just playing around :slight_smile:

I did endless cow runs and got decent rune and gear drops.
Like Pingpongkind stated it, the higher the player count, the higher the dropchance of runes.

Gl to you!

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You can target farm lucrative areas like the super chests in Lower Kurast, the council in Travincal, or cows, but it’s a repetitive play pattern. Ultimately, your available time and tolerance to play (unless you’re bringing other…resources to bear) dictate how many high runes you’ll find over the long term.

I understand it can be frustrating but it doesn’t mean that you’re less skilled or you’re a loser. It’s just straight up RNG, and the only ways you can tip the scales are by setting up your characters/builds and playing a lot.

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Hell Cows, probably your best place to farm for runes (Monster density, around 400 per clear). Napkin math incoming. Odds to drop between Ohm and Jah - 0.00399% - Number of runs needed to meet the average chance to drop between Ohm and Jah - 260.8. Good Cow clear speed is 3-5 minutes from load to leave game. Let’s call it 4 minutes. Amount of time to have the average chance to drop between Ohm and Jah - 17 Hours and 20 minutes with no food or breaks or sleep. You can get luckier, or less lucky. I hope this puts it into perspective to the people who say “no HRs drop”.

Those odds don’t include Champions, Uniques, or Cow King. But honestly, that isn’t going to add much to your odds. When I say 17 hours, I mean 17 hours non stop. If you only do around 7-8 Cow runs an hour, you are looking at 34+ hours.


I’ll add some less rigorous anecdotal experience about cows. Friend of mine and I run hell cows for three hours once a week for fun, pretending like it’s the old days when we didn’t have any responsibilities. We run very little magic find, and we’ve been going mostly uninterrupted on this schedule since shortly after D2R released. (So figure about 100 hours of cows. And we’re mostly goofing off, so I’d say if we did 8 cow runs an hour, we’d be doing well.)

We’ve found countless runes Mal and below, a few Ist and Gul, and two Zods :man_shrugging: So make of that what you will.

Just to help people out here JMS, and add a few things. (I was going to recalculate the odds with Unique Champions etc - but this will be more helpful).

With TWO players within around 1.5 -2 screens of each other when the Cows/enemies DIE, not engaged, you get around 63% more drops on non Uniques, etc. So instead of 260 runs, you get around 159.5 runs. Which you estimate you are below of. I’ve brought this up before but - 2 players together is the same no drop rate chance as three players split farming, which seems to be overlooked, especially for the “rune thirsty”.

2 Zods? Sorry JMS, RNG hates you and your bro. Then again, my math is only for Ohm to Jah - I can re do it for Vex-Zod, but the more runes I add, the more people think, OMG wurrs mah Berrr Runes?

Anecdotal evidence from me. In Cows, I have had 2 Jahs and 4 Ohms drop, in that Jah to Ohm range. I hope that doesn’t mean I have done 100+ hours of Cows, maybe I have. I should have started a Youtube channel. Also, I have never had a Zod drop anywhere in the game, I have dropped every other rune.

I just think it’s funny that we’ve had 2 Zods drop and nothing else considered a “high rune” :smile:

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Everyone here has been saying some very on-point ideas and we all know the high rune grind and the tolls it’s takes.

Ultimately, there are two things I would say.

1.) There is no easy way and you must play for hours on end and pray that the RNG gods have put the odds ever in your favor. Even then, go mow the lawn for your grandma for extra positive energy lol

2.) Just because you haven’t found an Ohm rune doesn’t mean you have not found an “Ohm rune.” Aka, you found a 4 OS ETH Thresher, etc. Or did you run countess enough times and get 5 ist? More ways than one to skin a cat kind of thing.

TBH, at this point I don’t even “want” HR (I mean ofc I Really REALLY want HR) but I would rather have a 3/20/20 or a rare helm that’s basically improbable drop and get 20 bers.

Also, know yourself and the game. Are you a champion at chaos runs? Does the Pit basically Never give you anything good? Well then run Chaos Runs with your FOH paladin like Rek does, get your time and system down, and get one of those horse feeding bags that goes around your head lol.

Lastly, I do not play any other game. Like at all. I don’t play Elden ring, Mario Games, etc.—I solely play D2R. If you are on other games, and not spending every second on D2R, that extra 2,3, X hours on another games will add up and that just means even longer for those RNG to hit.

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:horse: :moneybag: :exploding_head: :chains:

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Switch to another char and keep farmingnuntil you hit level 90.
That is what I did.
Did that work? Hmmmm…

Cows is your best bet if you’re looking for rune drops. I only play solo hell cows and found 3 jah, 2 Bers, Sur, ohm & gul in ladder so far.

You just need to stick to it and they eventually will drop

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You will laugh but most of my HR I found doing Hell Meph runs when ladder only started.
It’s obviously was drop from his Council. Cham, Lo, Ohm, Vex, multiple Ist and Mal. I got no HR from cows, but few Vex, Ist, Mal from arcane spectrals. Aslo jar in tomb game me mal and chest ist, No Bers and Jahs so far.

Everyone stressing out about finding HR when I am paying from Lo to BER for something you can find in vendor after gambling to 2os of course

2os black + 3 to warcries sword - Lo
2os red + 3 to warcries sword - Sur
2os green + 3 to warcries sword - BER
2os blue + 3 fo warcries sword - BER

No crystal swords and I’m done with gold color


Always nice to have your math showing up here :blush: I actually wonder how much difference does it make between a “good” place to farm versus a “best” or “bad” place

I can’t stand farming the same place, and my drops are so rare that nowhere I can trust as stats. Just wonder, say, clearing arcane or tower, is it 20% less efficient than cows or 20x less?

To OP, it’s really just very very rare. I don’t play a lot but my highest drop on ladder was Pul, ever, and maybe that’s even from forge. But as Rek said dropping a good item can trade for some runes too. Even if that doesn’t work, selling pgems, junk jewels, in game gold would also provide a constant income