Act2 Merc - Hustle or Insight


I have a fishymancer and i already put an insight + smoke + vampire gaze on my merc might.

Is it interesting to put an hustle weapon or no (stay with insight) ?


Hustle is interesting but I’d probably stick with insight

Insight gives a solid 260% on weapon ED on a runword that you can make for a lvl 27 char.

Hustle gives an ok 200% on weapon ED with an additional 50% from Fanat of off weapon ED.

The distinction of on weapon vs off weapon means that insight will have about 1K extra damage over Hustle when all things are said and done. On the standard merc attack this is the difference between 7K dps and 14K dps. Considering Jab we are looking at 24K vs 34K dps.

So what about the skellys? Fanat adds about 200 damage per skelly to the damage mix. At the ‘high end’ mix I’m doing numbers for this is 16 skellys or 3200 dps extra from the skellies.

I’m still voting for insight over Hustle. All in all even at the high end the merc is your main killer and CE does the rest of the work. Skelly’s could do almost no damage and they would still be worth using, Or is that my memory of 1.09 talking…

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face: