Accidentally sold torch to akara

I accidentally sold my paladin torch to akara, and it was nowhere to be found.
I search all vendors, inventory, all around the level, restarted the game, but nothing…
Can you do something about this bug please?
Thank you in advance

Once sold several items are just gone forever. Next time be more careful about what you do.

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I should be able to buy it back. but it disappeared completely.
This is a bug that affects my game experience, for a game that i paid for, and thats why i reported it.
Your useless opinion is noted, though.

Well … try to sell an SoJ and buy it back. Or anything ethereal. Or anything sold in a gambling screen.

Even if you could buy an item back, you need to do this before leaving town or it will be gone forever.

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you should be able to use your mouse pointer with an accuracy of almost 1cm. If you can’t do that, video games aren’t for you anyway.

Hang-on, lets not act like this hasn’t happened to lots of people back to LoD and that it is not easy to do.

ctrl-clicking quickly, especially on a toon with items in different places can easily happen.
especially with mouse lag or whatever issue some may have.

I’m not too l33t to admit that I did this once (maybe twice actually) and asked the same question.

There is no logical reason why this could not be changed.
(“It has always worked this way” is not a reason)

That said, OP, they could have fixed it in LoD and in D2R whilst making all the many other changes they made so I doubt they will now.