A2 merc invisible except aura and weapon

By invisible I see his auara and his floating wepon
Merc Act 2 def from norm diff.
Location nm act2 sewers
Euiped set items;
Sigon’s helm
Sigon’s armor
Hwains’s bill
Rad killed me.
I bought merc wen back into sewers he was in vislble all the.
after killing rad still invisible
tp to town, merc still invisble.
I would have attached screen shots, but ya…
leave out main gate merc still invisible.
merc kills creatures just can see him, just a spear jabbing at creatures.

i want one tell me more

dunno when I went sailed to act 3 from 2 merc was whole visible.
I thought is was after I bought him back but there was time I tp’d back to town from a2 tomb merc was close to death from poison.
not sure I payed attention or noticed him invisible until I did and rehired him.
gl with any invisible merc attempts