A quick PTR / 2.5 Update

No, that’s not how XP works. Higher monster level does not automatically mean more XP. Look up the formula.

I expected to see one of two outcomes: a) Remove Terror Zones to relaunch in Season 3, b) Launch Terror Zones as is.

It almost seems like B was the choice, with a couple of alterations. Still nothing to address character slots (inb4 hur dur buy another account), no mention of inconsistencies between casters and physical to hit vs higher level foes, two big feedback points being increase density, and have more zones active at once since zones will vary wildly with what character types to do them.

As for Hammerdins being the biggest pool of players complaining about too easy, I would say that this is due to the nature of the preset builds offered on PTR: High end H-Din, Infinity Sorc, Zerk Barb with Grief, Javazon with Infinity, and high end Fohdin. No melee without Grief or above level 85, no Bowazon, etc. It’s almost as if their 20 character limitation held back creating a number of pre-set builds to really test out PTR.

Lack of proper planning was an understatement. Some of us were asking in direct Twitter posts for information more than a month prior to the 4 month time period. Depending on the final version of 2.5, I may play a character on it, but probably will skip season 2 to stay on non-ladder, whenever it finally rolls over. At least this communication does seem to confirm that TZs will be Ladder only, which is a little disappointing for us that wanted to spend some time on our non-ladder characters, that we have both a pre-season and opening season of to manage, but it will probably roll over at end of season anyways.

Hate to sound negative, because I actually had warmed to the idea of Terror Zones, but I still feel that the ball was dropped on the features the community as a whole wanted to see.


Please don’t… let us find the way.
Don’t touch the character balance anymore.


Would you honestly rather wait 4 months for the TZs instead of 3-4 weeks? If they’d start without TZs, the S2 would become as old and stale even sooner than the S1.


Maybe another PTR, so 2 weeks, then 1 week to patch to 2.5 and then 1-2 weeks’ notice after 2.5 drops.! So new season is forever away!

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Keep in mind that your feedback =/= everyone’s feedback. I’d wager the majority of feedback is given via the PTR feedback survey and is largely positive on this change. I agree with some of your suggestions, but not all of them.

I personally don’t want stackable runes in the inventory (though I would welcome a currency tab with a small max stack of 5 or so to reduce muling), nor a separate or expanded charms inventory.

PD2 is alright, but D2R doesn’t need to turn into it, because they can and should exist separately in my opinion. I prefer the pacing of D2R, as well as the d2r changes over the pd2 balance/skill changes.


Intrigued to see what they do with the hammerdin. Tear the meta down please. Do lightning characters with infinity next! If you can’t break all regular fire and cold immunities, lightning shouldn’t be broken either.


The worst balancing was actually making the Hammerdin in its current state.


Yes, I totally agree.
But, I think nerf the hammer is better option.
To balancing few character? It will be another disaster.


Are you saying it can’t be done properly, or that you think Blizz will just not do it properly?

First i want to say Thank you for finaly communicating with diablo2 players we waited 15 years to hear back from you so 5 weeks or so is ok for us

and also a lot of us are planing on takining off work for the Reset so please give us a 2week notice so we can plan ahead most of us are in our 30s now so we gots responsibilitys!

and as for some ideas i hope we can change a few builds as well to add more roatations each season so not everyone is going hammerdin or sorc. i can host a few idea posts to help if needed.

and also a lot of the HC community would like the portal lag to be fixed or any lag for that matter

as for the rest we are happy for season 2 to come hopefuly the last week of this month or first of oct. but in all fairness please give us 2weeks notice

Yeah NL players will quit if we dont have terror zones.


Blizzard doesn’t have the game knowledge to make properly balance.


Oh please… stop it

The game’s playerbase is dying because of doomsday purists like you

Balance improvements are good

I don’t like blizzard

But neither did Blizzard North

Look how horrible was 90% of the skills lol

Where is the endgame ice bolt build

Where is the endgame thunderstorm build

Where is the endgame conversion build

Where is the endgame fire arrow build

Where is the endgame bash build

Where is the endgame charged bolt trap build

Where is the endgame summon skeleton build

Where is the endgame Arctic blast build

You can repeat this question for so many other skills


people can still join TZ games made by a 94+ and benefit. Many people are low level because they dont care about experience and just MF in solo. But in season 2, TZs will give a crap load of experience, even in solo. Thousands of people will be 99 in season 2.

Couldn’t agree more! There’s still a fairly active NL player base imo and this would really suck if it’s ladder only :frowning:


Thx for your efforts,
both PG and SA.

I’m a necromancer,
who reached 99 before 2.5.0.
consider more tahn just Terror Zones↓

If a necromancer’s DPS is till low like this,
who will like to even share experience with us?

we need to be buffed…

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You should release season 2 first within the next 2 weeks and then the patch whenever.

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Yeah would be lame if this is gated by ladder only =/.



  1. Will there be new runewords?


  1. Need metalgrid IG buffed. At its current state, it is just unusable.
  2. Insight in a shield please [this may fix the weak IG problem]
  3. Necro bone spear needs buffing.
    Compare bone spear to sorc. Lightning or even chain lightning…lite is 20k and chain lightning is 10k and bone spear is like 6k max… bone spear needs to be buffed imo.