4 minutes until server crash

Its always down on this timing, excitements will end at this time.

I can’t even connect to Bnet at the moment so it looks like it’s definitely coming.

Even you can connect, the server will boot your out at some times.
Unless you wanna play login game.

Server down again, what a coincidence.

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I’m ingame in rtealm Asia so maybe try and switch realm…

still works for me, left game and joined back.

is it region dependent this time?

Negative. I cannot connect to the Asia server either.

I can’t connect to battlenet, EU. I’m stuck at the loading screen.

Sorry, was worth a shot, guess I will not log out until I have to…

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Yay server down :smiley: … exactly. This is how Blizz maintenance their server.

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Error Creating game lol

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Same as Diablo 3’s early server issues.
I think this game will end up like Diablo 3

This is the time of the day that both EU and NA are playing at the same time, so this is when servers go boom.

Hey folks,

If you’re getting an authentication error, see the paragraph named “Login Queue Creation” in Bliz’s pinned thread right here in the GD form.

If you are getting an error about communicating with the game servers, see the paragraph named “Rate limiting” in that same post.

The post:

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Interestingly enough, though, the Blizzard message about the server outage disappears when you switch to the Asia region.

I’ts afternoon in EU right now :smiley:

Do not exit your game lol. MF everywhere.

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Oh, I thought this was late night for EU. This is the time that a lot of my EU streamers stop streaming.

Yeah don’t log out. I am in right now too and so far so good. If they can keep it stable and not have us crash today that would be nice. Even if it means logins or game creation is limited a bit.

Fingers crossed. I am working on a low level char so no matter what happens I won’t lose much.


I’m back in :smiley:

Body too short.