2.4.3 hidden change to Whirlwind Damage/AR

Yes please Shared stash!


seriously man from 0 too 10 a big 0 for your Whirlwind change with the basic attack Two-handed weapons will be so so slow bye bye ik barb something that use to be already weak before

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Pez, this is an emergency, LOCK THE SERVER. The patch is corrupting character files, my main account’s characters are just GONE after a crash while (because of?) leveling up. I made a thread about it and im not the only one, opened a ticket but if you’re monitoring this you can protect the players better and faster than me waiting for a support team member to reach my ticket.


With a typical build, classic WW now is more damage and higher AR. The ias change does not affect classic.

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not sure i understand what your saying

Two-handed ww can not get 4 frame anymore , so how ias change does not affect classic ? the ww ias requirements ask alot more now , to achieve less because you can not hit at 4 frame but 6 maybe higher now , not sure you really understand the change

At level 20 its +23% ED and +50% AR. Additional AR is always welcome for melee.

I would like to think that they didn’t do anything with IAS on Classic but one can’t discount the incompetence of these developers.

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this is really bad because this ask so much ias from your gear now for 2 handed weapon and hurt your character so bad to make magic find . your opinion become so limited because now you need ias from your gear because the huge dump basic attack ias ask . i have a decent ww with 2 handed but also have 200%ias make any sense for gear selection a total failure changing my gear will drop my ww ias mean hurt my ww dps , the most stupid change ever ,

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Where do You get your info from ? Lots of Ppl are still labbing 2handed weps and triying to figure out the IAs to frame ratio …

2 handed eth champion axe looks secs

i just test everything my self i have gear that give me 200 ias and over for a base 0 weapon

and hit monster and add or remove ias testing everything i use white berserker axe and also botd great pole axe both 0 base weapon also +10+20 weapon , is easy to test always i drop my ias my ww hit less the target , so my character is stuck using a lot of ias gear , this is just very bad in my opinion limited the gear option of your character something very bad for mf run , sad blizzard hide the info of this terrible nerf , they are suppose to show us the number of the change , but they hide the same with the hiden ww change with the dps , sure some great new about the bug , but not about the ww change

i will continue to test everything for a few hour more

Did your EBOTD gpa reach 4 frames per attack? (Hope so) if yes … with how Much extra IAs ? Just the -60 from the runeword?

May be the outside ias serve as a coeficient to on weapon IAs . We need more testing to find a definitive answer

come in my game char222 pass 222 and juge your self maybe with 200%ias

for 2 handed is hard to say for sure this feel so much better with 1 hand

i just restart testing after the server crash

Working atm . And if we can’t reach 4 frames with 2 handers i won’t Even update yo 2.4.3

Can’t stand using 1 handers as a barbarian , i AM hoping to use a 2h eth champion axe with Demonhorn helm (10 ias + 15% IAs Jewel). Nosferatu belt (10 ias) , LOH and warlords ammy…

Just played my 88 full IK barb I use for act 5 key runs and I didn’t notice much of a difference than before. He’s not gimped or anything, got the job done just as well as before.

because is 4 month you play with a broken ww :slight_smile: you get use to it lol

they fix the bug . so you gain the dps lost from the bug
but nerf from the new change :slight_smile:

now add ias from you gear you will see

they give you something from one hand to take it back from the other hand lolol

you will see later player will realese accurate number is not good for 2 hand

i ww with my mf gear and hit the target 1 or 2 time this is pretty bad

i feel with 200 ias with a 2 hand 0 base weapon i cap maybe i`m wrong

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juge your self i post 2 video of 1 min one with only 60 ias the old break point and one with 200

i think you need 200ias for 4 frame with a 2 hand with a base of 0 , letting you the room for 0 option to change your gear for pvp or mf , good luck

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Everything from rank 27 on now does less damage per hit. :stuck_out_tongue:

So about as good as a naked pally still? :stuck_out_tongue: Mean this seriously btw… takes a naked pally about 6m to clear chaos.

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I just log in and check on my IK ww, the AR increase from 8k+ to 11k+ abt close to 3k after patch, which is good.

I also tried a few rounds only, dont see or feel any difference in terms of ias. In fact, I can see is that the kill speed is faster. I think is because of the increase in AR, chance to hit increase.

i have a car running 50 km oh wow my car just get a good turn up and run 55 km oh that great i`m happy he run too 55 km now i will give a good feedback too the garage they make a good job

oh i just learn this model to suppose to run 75 km before he get broken oh all the time i drive that car before the turn up he use to be broke and now he go too 55km and i just realize i get screw and the garage laugh of me

typical casual feedback :roll_eyes:

thank blizzard to show any number of the basic attack frame table for ww you just change . my barb 2hand ww feel slow and clean a lot slower anyway is a question of time because the number drop and he will see the massive nerf

I tested out a ww build today, using ebotd warpike, with high lords and LoH for additional ias and then with 2 bad griefs. they were similar in performance on chaos and baal solo runs, but both still worse then zerker or frenzy with the same gear. As player count goes up it’s just worse and worse. All that nice gear and still worse then a naked hammerdin.