2.4.3 hidden change to Whirlwind Damage/AR

I’m going to have to check out how my full IK WW Barb does on non ladder once I finish this run with my ladder Bowa.

Now classic WW is even more OP lul


It’s been awhile since I’ve played my Ik Barb, but it did seem like he was faster whirlwinding. Seemed a bit easier to control too.

at the skill its true, but not at the display (C)
i lost over 100dmg with my lancer, even the ww skill is better…
may they changed somethin at the weaponskill?

Odd. Anyone else see anything like this?

Something snuck in. Apologies!

We are amending the notes with this bit

Whirlwind: Improve the skill at lower levels.
Starting damage% increased from -50 to +30.
Damage% per level reduced from +8 to +5.
Starting Attack increased from 0 to +50.


Great, now give us a big shared stash at classic and start to think of the consequences for classic when you change the balance for everyone.


i checked exactly before (20 baseskill)
it was 105% AR and 118% DMG
now i got 145% AR and 125% DMG
but i lost on my lancer over 100dmg - dno why
may they changed somethin at the weaponskill? - didnt checkd that before…

Can you keep these changes to expansion please? The last thing classic barb needed was a WW buff. Though please give us a shared stash.


and tell us now, why i do over 100dmg less at ww!?^^
and like bahgeraut said: add the shared stash to classic too
it wasnt in the “OLD” xpac included! - its new, so we want it also!


Just so you know there is a bug in the game that makes people’s items vanish - it’s caused by the save file limit being 8MB - if someone has too many small items it goes over the limit and the items are poofed.


becouse a skill with one of the lowest damage coefficients it definitely needed to be reduced … Gg.


Maybe early levels. It’s not much of a change once ya max WW.

Real question is how does the IAS changes affect classic…

Classic offline is completely horrendous without a shared stash…

Why is muleing only permitted on LOD?

Get us a shared stash or tcp/ip hosting for offline.


I second this don’t know why classic players get ignored

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Yes please Shared stash!


seriously man from 0 too 10 a big 0 for your Whirlwind change with the basic attack Two-handed weapons will be so so slow bye bye ik barb something that use to be already weak before

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Pez, this is an emergency, LOCK THE SERVER. The patch is corrupting character files, my main account’s characters are just GONE after a crash while (because of?) leveling up. I made a thread about it and im not the only one, opened a ticket but if you’re monitoring this you can protect the players better and faster than me waiting for a support team member to reach my ticket.


With a typical build, classic WW now is more damage and higher AR. The ias change does not affect classic.

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not sure i understand what your saying

Two-handed ww can not get 4 frame anymore , so how ias change does not affect classic ? the ww ias requirements ask alot more now , to achieve less because you can not hit at 4 frame but 6 maybe higher now , not sure you really understand the change