2.4 skele mages

is summon skele mages worth investing as they’re tanky now?

Tanky-ness is not really an issue, it never was. The Skelly mages are now more ‘stable’ in their damage. If you didn’t like them before you won’t like them now. If you liked them in the first place they are ‘better’.

All in all mages are the best DPS addition you can get for the 20 pts investment. No other investment of 20 pts will add as much damage.

I’m level 90 atm with 10 additional skill points which I have no idea where to add :stuck_out_tongue:

My build is the usual 1 with the exception of maxed golem mastery becuz I favor iron golem > clay golem as I always summon with a cheap insight polearm. Below is my build atm and I’m in a dilemma whether to try out maxed skele mages. In most youtube videos, they are disappointing even in P1 mode, their dps just isn’t good. For curses skill tree, many ppl recommend getting iron maiden, life tap, lower resist however I only use amp dmg against normal mobs and sometimes decrep during boss fight. Even so, I don’t have enough hotkeys to bind all the different curses too, 2 are plenty.

Raise skeleton 20
Skeleton mastery 20
golem mastery 20 (to make iron golem tankier and move faster)
skele mage 1
revive 1
summon resist 1
clay golem 1
blood golem 1
iron golem 1

Teeth 1
corpse explosion 20

amp damage 1
weaken 1
terror 1
decrepify 1

–10 unused skill points

Gears that I’m using atm…

arm of king leoric / Homunculus
CTA / Spirit Monarch
Enigma mage plate
Trang oul’s claws
BK / BK (I didn’t use Soj since my iron golem provides meditation aura to me, 700+ mana is plenty)

Obedience (cheap and good)
Andy’s visage

Remaining 10 pts into bone armor and 1 into bone wall?

I think best to have some fhr still so if u telestomp mob and they get u, u can spam bone armor back up