2.4 Just launched and I decided to make Infinity

a lot more comments like this please! TY!

Thanks mang
U da best

HAHAHA fail, did you even read the patch notes? its 2.3 out, not 2.4

um…? I don’t know if you’re trolling or not

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They have since updated their patch notes page to include the implementation of 2.4 into live.


We have a fix for this coming later this evening. Server side


That’s good news. Now how about Cain still not identifying stuff in the cube? :slight_smile:

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Can you look into polearms and act 2 mercs also. I can’t equip any on my act 2 merc now. He meets the reqs.

Cain about to put my tome completely out of work, savage.

lol how did this make it to live when there was many many posts about it during the last PTR


a question coming up more and more often…

My gemmed spear did turn into an infinity but then about 5 minutes later vanished. Meh, I built a character specifically to use that spear. Now I am out the runes and the weapon base. I think I will go play something else. I can’t believe that this wasn’t addressed before the patch hit.

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what do you mean vanished?

For me, there is an empty 2x4 space in my shared stash where the newly created infinity was…


It was in my main weapon slot I logged out of a game and when I logged into a new one, it was gone.


Can you address these missing infinity spears after the server patch? This is pretty bad

I made my infinity after 6h40 like you said, it rolled 301ED -48LR in a +3 mat spear and everything was fine.

Then i joined a game (guess it was an older game, but I did not see before entering it) and my infinity just vanished from my zon’s hands! Will there be a way to get it back at a later time???

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Mine and my friends infinity spears also vanished after the gemmed item was fixed.

Hi Blizz can u please give everyone 2 Ber runes to remake our disappearing infinity spears, thank you

‘everyone’ right? ^^

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