2 ladders a year?

Is not like they promised 1 ladder 4 months long? Quick math 4x3=12 but so far we have 1 ladder and no info about second, 1,5 ladder a year is what we got

They never promised a 4 months ladder.

Also they are incompetent.


They will start new ladder 5 seconds after they end the current season. You will have 5 seconds to transfer your gear before new ladder begins good luck.

I guess 5 seconds was being too generous. I was only joking man wtf…

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Why ure like that huh? The are big company, if they say something, I teak as a promise, I am disappointed

Might be a ladder 2years :frowning:

Pretty big I would say

If you take some vague statements as promises and are disspointed afterwards if they don’t become true, it’s your fault.

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Its been roughly every 6 months for a long time.

In old d2 it was 6 months but they come with idea to make ladder every 4 months

The 4 month idea is old. I cannot recall when but this talk of shorter seasons is just talk. Likely to remain 6 months as it always has been.

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I am not upset. They have had a lot on their plate and I am thankful for even having the opportunity to play a remastered version of my favorite childhood game.

They can take their time. I’ll enjoy the content once it comes out.

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Would you rather them just start a new ladder instead of finishing what they are testing? if this team is so incompetent why not go play immortal?

6 months is fine like always

Im actually fine if they did 2 ladders a year even though i dont do ladder characters…ha. I need a hell of a lot more incentives to get me into a ladder character.

Well assuming that there is no ladder 2 yet…

We can only say that D2R is a 1 ladder game

Ladder is a joke anyway. Remember certain a streamer showing the world the exploits for leveling? I member! Member when the first lvl 99 was achieved in record time? I member!

The only lure for Ladder used to be exclusive items but that is long gone. Some like starting over but why? We finnished building the house so lets tear it down and start over!

I don’t understand why everyone thinks this is a set thing. They definitely said 4 months but clearly they still had some work to do when the time came for 2.5 so things are pushed back a bit.
I would rather them take their time to get things better than to keep to a strict schedule.

Most would rather a restart and have TZ come in later.
6month ladder is boring AF, if you haven’t “beat” the game by that time what have you been doing? And if you trully don’t have that much time to play NL is there for you.

Keep in mind they would give you a few weeks to clear out your ladder stash. So they technically could never have exactly 3 a year at 4 months.

Their originally proposed way of running ladder into NL meant there would be ZERO downtime. You would have access to a new shared stash on NL that would last all of the next ladder season. At the end of that anything left in that stash would disappear. They also stated that you could only remove items from the stash, never add to it.