15 Easy-to-fix Bugs

  1. Game creator gets stuck/trapped by joining player bodies in A5 Baal runs
  2. Fix Chat Bug
  3. Fix WW clunkiness + WW Lock (especially with WW Sin using fade)
  4. Mute Game Sound when minimized
  5. Make Hardcore character with a stance in character select screen and lobby–same as it is in Classic D2
  6. Bring back Grim Reaper, when Hardcore character dies
  7. When you buy keys, they should go into your stack of keys.
  8. Mercenary should not die in town due to poison
  9. Ctrl Click doesn’t work in the trade window (e.g. you can’t ctrl click gems in your inventory to put them up for trade)
  10. A2 Frost Mercenary Aura Affects players in blood moor while owner is sitting in town
  11. Fix Sanctuary so that the damage bonus against undead isn’t applied to the enemies, but the aura wielder instead. This bug has never been fixed afaik.
  12. Cain should id items in cube (like in legacy)
  13. Cain should be positioned at stash in a5
  14. Cain should not always talk about cube in a2–after you dropped it from inv and picked it up again, when quest already done
  15. The refresh button for the game list in the lobby does absolutely nothing

Bonus: Mercenary and Pets are no longer killable when they wander out of town, creating an invincible unit. Please change it so you can kill pets and mercenaries that are outside of town. It’s pretty lame when they’re all immune and attacking you.

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very easy to fix a bug that you didn’t even bother to describe…