Softcore stashes 2,3,4 gone? Empty

While playing softcore, i suddenly noticed that all my shared stashes were empty, everything was gone. Checking: both ladder and non ladder stashes (2,3,4) were gone. The hardcore stashes (ladder/non-ladder) seemed to be ok. Any else got this issue? (Issue was reported). Pls don’t tell me my high level runes etc. are gone…

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I have this issue. Everything ladder and non-ladder is missing. Even the gold.

From the forums… Lethal Bug Report

"시체전문가212 posts
Lethal Bug Report (All items in a shared item stash disappear)

Bug Acting Conditions

Put items in a shared item stash as a ladder extension character
Put items in a item stash as a ladder original character
When you check the shared item stash with the ladder extension character, all items evaporate"

This is probably exactly what happened to me, because i wanted to clean up a (classic) char on my alt account and moved it to my main account (the sorc)…

Check this link too Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.5.2 - Release Notes (11/1) - General Discussion - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (

Make sure u send a ticket to blizz!!!

Yup, everything has poofed on mine also. My Nonladder. Ladder. And Ladder Carry over tans have been depleted.
Blizzard says they’re going to do some roll backs. My reccomendations are not to change much else. Try not to add, bur stash new drops on a new character and not in shared stash tab

I think they are solving the problem.
A lot of people can’t access the game with their account.

I also have and have reported since October 16 and still can’t get into the game.

I think the share stashes bug prevented me from entering the game.

You ever figure this out?

Yes we figured it out :slight_smile: bug erases your shared stash and bnet does not respond to tickets or questions…

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i reported a ticket on this issue 14days ago, still no reponse from Blizzard. Several HR/ists gone, items worth alot also…

Same. I have a ticket 15 days old. Nothing