Your Dream Blizzcon

What would your ideal Blizzcon experience be? I’m talking announcements, Hosts, Musical acts, the works!

Mine would be announcements tied to the ‘Blizzard Arcade’, with announcements for a Lost Vikings Soft-Reboot, HotS Hard Reboot, The Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans game, but rendered in a full 3D Engine.

The Expansion after Shadowlands with earth-shattering changes, like fully revitalized Talent Trees, World Quests all over Azeroth and Beyond, unlocking as early as level 40 (10, by the new scale) , More cosmetic items for player collections, the return of Tier sets, Booty Bay finally gets rebuilt after 3+ Expansions. New Reputations with the Freehold Crews… and exploration of the back half of Azeroth.

Musical guest would be Alestorm, because how else would you promote an expansion with Pirates, than with Scottish Pirate Death-Metal?!

Warcraft IV RTS!
I’d like to say thank you for making Warcraft III Remastered. It is the only game I’ve bought in over a decade and I spent $1,500 on a new laptop to play this game. Lots of people be hating, but they can eat dog $hit and rot in hell. This game is easily the best game ever made. What other game can keep people attracted for as long as Warcraft RTS? Not many, if you are talking about the Final Fantasy RPG “series”, sure… but I’m talking about just one game, Warcraft III. The game does meet my expectations, because it was not supposed to be containing new content. I’m looking forward to seeing clans put back in the game though, I’m aware that is being worked on. I also kinda preferred some things about the old chat room, basically how people had their clan name next to their username. Hopefully Blizzard can refurbish some of that aspect of the game. Either way, I’m happy with the remake, I think they could have charged more like $59.99 for the game and $39.99 to play before it war released, I’d definitely have paid that. Now for a Warcraft IV RTS, I’d GLADLY pay $89.99 for an original, and an additional $59.99 for an expansion. Then I’d not even complain about playing $39.99 to play each game early either.

Thanks for all your hard work on Warcraft 3 Reforged, Blizzard, you deserve more credit than people show.


Diablo: Big D4 update (remaining class reveals), with a playable build closer to it’s final form. Maybe a release date for D4. A D2 remaster. New inventive seasonal theme/new items for D3.

Overwatch: New hero. New map. Major balance changes. World Cup goodness.

A new IP announcement.

A bunch of really worthwhile swag to buy (T-Shirts, Jackets, bags etc). One I would like to request, because anniversary, is a Diablo music collection (for 1-3).

Slipknot closing out the show. I get that there are practical reasons to have multiple artists perform in different places, but the past couple years that this has happened I just skipped it all together.

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