Wow classic opinion


First, I typically don’t mess with forums much, but this is probably going to be long. I played classic WoW during the closed beta and consistently until WotLK. Since then, I’ve played off an on, and there are a few things I would like to see changed for the better.

  1. The difference between what stats do for melee vs casters. A good example: intelligence gave mages extra Mana, 15 per point I think, and 1% crit for 100 points. Rogues, on the other hand, got 3.5% dodge, 100 atp, and 7.5% crit with 100 agi. What would be nice, if they either added maybe an additional crit point with a little extra mana or compensatie with +5-10 spellpower per 100 int, something along those lines. Same goes for healers with spirit giving mana regen; It needs to be increased a little for both in and out of combat; it dropped by half, if I remember correctly, while casting and for five seconds after.

  2. Transmog. I really wish this was in during classic because my poor druid had some down right ugly sets that I wanted to change, but couldn’t. I know there are other classes with bad sets, but this was the main one for me.

  3. Some additional flight paths for large and/or long zones. Maybe one extra, not like now where you may have 4-5 for one faction.

  4. Crafting. This is probably the main one that doesn’t make sense even now. You have to run a raid to get a pattern, and the items needed, in order to make something typically weaker than the loot from the raid. How about implementing some of those patterns and items into the raid or dungeon a tier lower ex: the patterns from MC placed into scholo, dire maul, strat, lbrs, ubrs, etc. (if it is a legendary keep it where it’s at)? Wherever you get a pattern place some of the materials needed in at least one other zone. This would gives guilds and new players a reason to run, and keep running, 5-10 mans. This would allow guilds to steadily gear up for higher tier content, help newcomers gear up for raids, and not have to solely rely on RNG. Nothing sucks worse than beating Drak in ubrs 208 times and losing your chest piece to a newbie the one time you see it.

  5. Faction reputation. The newer system gives too much per quest turn in, but classic WoW was the exact opposite. You could finish every quest in every zone, and still not be exalted. I know because I did it with two characters before the achievement system, a shaman and a warrior. Once again a small increase would be fine.

  6. Last, for now, Talents. Some classes need some love such as prot pally, warlock, and enhance shaman just to name a few. This won’t be an easy fix, but I do hope they will look at it later on. If they can do at least some of the things on this list it will keep classic around for a long time.

Let me know what you think about my list, and if there is something you would like to see implemented. I loved classic, and it was by far my favorite, and I really hope to come back to the game full time if the devs do it right.


This is the wrong forum for this discussion as it is the Blizzcon forums, but I’ll give a quick answer.

No to all points. The point of WoW classic is to reproduce the Vanilla experience, perceived “flaws” and all. Will it appease to everyone of the newer generation of gamers? No, surely not, but that is not the point of the project.