WoW Classic and TBC - best solution to keep both games relevant

my Wow EU account is unable to post until year 3000 so I thought put suggestion here

Blizz from what I see is currently debating how will be best to release tbc alongside classic. They thinking about either as normal expansion or separate servers with character copy. Both ideas have some serious cons. Expansion on the same server will kill Classic and separate servers will kill guilds.

Well Blizz, why not having both?

1 server, 2 character profiles might be the answer.

As soon as player go through portal in blasted lands, a character copy is made. Character in Outland is able to level up and gain gear as normal, but as soon as it go back to Azeroth it will switch to the original lvl 60 character with all gear and quests same as the last progress made in Azeroth and with whatever it had in the bags at the time.

AH problem. There will need to be an AH in Shattrath naturally for TBC stuff since you cant take tbc stuff back to Azeroth.

What will this solve?

Guilds won’t have to split. Because it still going to be a one server.
Both games will be relevant, arcane crystal still 60g on AH. And people can play whichever content they like on one server with their friends without splitting.

Think also about raiding variety. One day your guild master will decide to do Naxx , and few days later Karazhan.

Myself I am thinking to have also WOTLK added because that was the pinnacle of WoW, with exactly the same idea. And with so many people splattered across 3 games, the servers capacity could be increased and at the same time number of servers reduced to save on costs. So of course with WOTLK release, you would then have 3 character profiles. But all on ONE server with friends and people you know and enjoy playing.

Win win situation whichever way you look at it.