Winners of scavenger hunt?

hey blizz,
but when and how are the winners of the contest announced?

Watching this post. Hopefully it’s transparent… possibly with answers released. Some of the questions were worded poorly, I think. :confused:

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I agree. I don’t know if there was a wrong translation (I’m Italian) but many questions can be misunderstood in several ways.

I’m too curious what the right answers were.

I believe they expected to have the winners selected and notified within 30 days of the show. I’ll see if I can find out if that has happened yet.


Any info today or soon? :slight_smile:

Last update I received was that they were finalizing plans to contact folks this week. If I hear anything more, I’ll be back to share.


Ok cool. I’m looking forward on seeing
more information on the scavenger hunt
too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Received confirmation this morning that winners have been contacted by email.

It’s 30 winners selected at random from the correct entries submitted by the deadline.* I don’t necessarily expect them all to be checking here, but as a general rule it’s a good idea to make sure your email inbox is setup to receive mail from us. Sometimes providers will filter mail as junk/spam so always be on the lookout!

* Blog:


Awesome :+1:

thank you kalviery.

thank you very much for the information :wink:

but … I was genuinely curious if the correct answers will be posted somewhere :sweat_smile:

Whew… it’s a lot… Here we go:

Question Answer
The website from the QR code on the BlizzConline Digital Badges
The third game introduced in the Carbot 30th Anniversary cartoon Blackthorne
A 10-minute panel on any channel - World of Warcraft: Making of the Wandering Ancient Mount
- Diablo: The Voice of Deckard Cain
- Hearthstone: Bartender Bob’s Advice
- Blizzard Art Studio: Roadhog
A panel that has fire on screen at any point Any panel (including opening ceremony and closing remarks) that includes Hearthstone, Diablo 4, Diablo Immortal, Diablo 2
A panel with a participant that has a logo from a Blizzard game on their shirt All panels, except the following:
- Diablo II: Resurrected Deep Dive
- World of Warcraft: Voices of the Afterlife
- Diablo: The Voice of Deckard Cain
- Hearthstone: Battlegrounds Exhibition
- Diablo: The Gothic World of Brom
- The Voices of Overwatch
- Overwatch: Creating a Soundtrack
- Where It All Started: The Blizzard Arcade Collection
A panel with a statue of a Blizzard character on set - World of Warcraft: Voices of the Afterlife
- The Voices of Overwatch
- World of Warcraft: The Evolution of Thrall
- Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2
A developer that appears in any Hearthstone panel - Ben Lee
- Alec Dawson
- Joseph Killion
- Ryan Masterson
A character depicted in the BlizzConline Community Showcase Art Contest First Place Winner - Kerrigan
- Sylvanas
- Lilith
- Widowmaker
A talent spotlight submission in the Community Showcase - Afterlives
- Mei’s Song
- Starcraft Terran Trilogy Mix
- One Man Medley “Lion’s Pride - Goldshire”
- Erhu Interpretation of Mists of Pandaria Music, “Wadering Isle”
- Warbringers Jaina Cover
A Diablo character from a BlizzConline Coloring Book page - Witch Doctor
- Diablo
- Wizard
- Treasure Goblin
Amount of pretzel pieces needed in Bronzebeard Bar Mix recipe 1 Cup
A drawing from the Online Art Gallery created by Samwise Didier - Medic Uther Concept
- Bikini Stitches Concept
- Blackthorne Concept
- Sarlac Concept
- The Boys Are Back
- Medic Concept
- Marauder
- Ghost Concept
- Infested Marine Concept
- Zerg Queen Concept
- Welcome to Zerus
- Abathur Mission Loading Illustration
- Abathur Concept
- Zeratul
- Protoss Dark Templar Concept
- Zealot
- Sentinels vs. Scourge
- Ancients
- Tauren
- Pandaren Bell Warden Concept
- The First Pandaren
- Young Brewmaster Concept
- Dwarven Mortar Team
- Alliance vs. Horde
- Illidan Concept
- Prince Arthas
- The First Frostmourne Concept, Originally Called “Frostmourn”
- Warcraft Adventures, Cover Art
Number of Murlocs and the name of the creator for the Online Art Gallery Hearthstone piece - Smuggler’s Run 3 Murlocs & Alex Horley
Attach in-game screenshot of your favorite Blizzard game Any screenshot from a Blizzard game
Describe something that represents Blizzard’s 30th Anniversary to you Free Response