Why the Hate on Diablo Mobile?


They like to tell stories but the sad part is that Mobile = microtransactions. I see why Mike step down lol. I blame Activision for this.


You and a lot of people don’t understand it has nothing to do with it being on mobile and everything to do with this community not being heard.

A mobile game would have been a fantastic idea to announce a couple of years ago, but the fact that they had a panel, blatantly ignored questions, basically insulted its fanbase, can’t even tell us they are working on Diablo 4, but continue to think we are entitled?

They are entitled, without the community they are nothing, and honestly it’s sad to see people defending a company that doesn’t care about you, just your money.


Have you ever met a good mobile game? Have you ever met a mobile game that wasn’t a shameless slot-machine/money mill?

Maybe you have. But do you really think that’s what Activision wants to hand you?

Is it nice in your cave?


4 years ago blizzard made fun about a d3 mobile with an april fool because its so stupid of an idea … they knew it themself … so much changed in just 4 years


I know its so good aint it


just flip the question and ask people why would there be any love for diablo mobile, im a massive diablo fan just like all you guys, but there is no way im interested in this mobile app, I wont download it nor play it, like wise for any other game I love if they made a mobile game of it i wouldnt get it, how could you want to sink more than 30 mins on a mobile game i dont know. They have announced it as a brand new stand alone game, so yeah a good 90% are within there full rights to think this is " a out of season april fools joke " like many have said again, d2 remaster d4 d3 content there the only things diablo fans wanted… who was going to be pleased with this seriously… some games that look bad and disappoint fans end up being good i get that, resident evil 7 for example, when that was fps people was mad but it ended up being a good game, however this is 10000% not happening here, this is a bad times for all diablo fans.


  Have you played a game on your phone, for hours?  The only way to make it worth while is screen...  then it is not mobile.
  Mobile games suck.  Coc and puzzle and dragons are the only two I like.  I am not going to sit and look at my phone for hours.
  Not to mention this is the easy way out...  are they seriously going to make this serious go to mobile?  They killed the story line with killing off leah and Decriard, now we are just nephilum fighting forever.
   What Blizzard is not looking at is the fan base....  Switching it to mobile proves that they think that kids in class, or at lunch are going to be hiding this from there teachers or parents.
  Pc is the bomb .com, but they don't want to make a bad  a game, they want to make a quick buck.  

Get this crap out of my face… and stop dumbing down wow!