Why the Hate on Diablo Mobile?


I’ve got a good phone that could probably handle this, but… no. Nope. No thanks. The phone is crap of a platform for anything better than amusing yourself while on public transit. Cross fingers for next year that something new and proper is in the works.


God these so called D3 fans are treating it like the end of the world. Grow up.

I played all diablos since D1. I’m a PC gamer last game I played was Witcher 3.

Is Diablo on mobile okay? Sure why not it’s a mobile experience.

Did blizzard abondon Diablo on pc,? No they are working on d4 now.

Will diablo immortal be successful? if Hearthstone is any indication, yes.

But It’s a netease ripoff. Etc. blizzard Will balance the game to cater for paid and non paid market. there may even be 2 versions one for Chinese market one for western.

Having said that I did think the announcement for the core of PC players was targeted terrible mistake, they should of announce d4 with a simple title first, plus this mobile game.


I don’t agree with how people are reacting to the news of this game. The people at blizzard are human beings and don’t deserve all the vitriol. But - that said - if you really want to show Blizzard that you do not like this idea of a mobile Diablo game, then don’t buy it. Hit them where it hurts - the wallet.

I will say, I did not like how they announced this game. They treated it like it was some huge announcement, and it was a major let down. Also, their comment about everyone having phones, was really uncalled for. It showed that they really didn’t get it.

From someone who bought a virtual ticket, this blizzcon was a huge let down and not remotely worth the price. But, they got my money, and I assume that’s all that matters to them.


I dont like to play on mobile the controls are not good and the screen is small

You can make diablo on mobile but do not put new story and content in it put the story from D3 i dont care… but no new content and lore…

I play diablo for it’s lore
But i wont play it on mobile… it’s disapointing


why is there a ton of anger? you have to realize who you just announced this to. i spent hundreds of dollars on a ticket, other people spent thousands on transportation and hotel costs. the people that chose to go to blizzcon are true fans of blizzard, most of who’m have been blizzard fans for decades. i have been a blizzard fan since the 90s. ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE PC GAMERS. every single person who went there to hear something about diablo is not interested in using a phone to play a game. the question isnt “why do you hate it being on mobile”, its “why announce a mobile game in a PC convention?” and why is that the ONLY news we got.

the people at blizzcon are blizzards base. the base is PC. period


I’m from Asia. I played a lot of mobile games but for me the mobile game was just a trashs. I never play any mobile game for 4 hours without deleting it. I think diablo immotal will be the new name in this my trash list. !!! Diablo is dead!!!


makes mobile version
dO YoU gUyS nOt hAvE pHoNeS?

makes toaster version
dO YoU gUyS nOt hAvE tOaStErS?

makes ironing version
dO YoU gUyS nOt hAvE iRoNerS?

makes wifi router version
dO YoU gUyS nOt hAvE wIfI rOuTeRs?

makes brain stem version
dO YoU gUyS nOt hAvE bRaIN sTeMs?


Well given that some people spent thousands of dollers on tickets, airplane tickets, hotels, and other expences. Maybe from now on Blizzard should be explict about what is happening at thier cons, rather then being all cloak and dagger by everything.


Because it will be pay2win. Period. Funded by in-app-purchases, like every other mobile shіt.


Many are upset over the recently announced Diablo Immortal because it is a reskinned from a Pay2Win mobile game called Crusaders of the Light by NetEase (that company have been known to copy other games like Pubg).
And also, the huge hype about Diablo was for nothing. No D4, heck not even a remastered of D1 or D2. Instead the fans got this rehash garbage. This is a slap to the face and all the devs could say was, “Do you guys not have phones!!?”
Never have I seen a dev team sooo disconnected from their own fan base…
I feel sorry for the Diablo Community.


Well stated! Thank you!


Diablo is a PC game

If you wanna make a mobile game do it I do not see anything wrong with that. But why do you call it Diablo? The fact that it is mobile means it can not deliber the same experience. It’s the same with EA Command & conquer. They are just using the Diablo name to sell what should be a product inspire in the same universe, a mobile version at most. But not. This is the continuation of the main game. And it’s only on mobile.

And it was horrible how they handled it. It was like - Here is the next Diablo, a mobile game of all things. This is better than a stupid PC, right? - And you know that old Blizzard would not do something like this. This screams Activision all over. I just hope they give some portrait for Call of Duty with the pre-order of this game or something.


The former Blizzard developers were gamers. now?
Did you want these games if you were fans or players?

If you want to make money by management, look at Korean game companies. They are not making games, they are making garbage.
Where’s your old honor? Why are you going the same way as garbage?


As cross platform game to be able to play it on any device it woul be great, as mobile game only, not interresting at all :frowning:




The company which make plagiarism(copy) mobile game of Diablo?
Do Blizzard “co-work” with the company where copy their game???


Mobile games are for those 10 - 15 minute breaks to check on if you can do anything without having to pay money to bypass some stupid timed mechanic. Whether that be on the toilet, lunch break, or in bed before nodding off.

Mobile games are not meant for anything else. Just small time killers with insane microtransactions and copy-paste mechanics from other popular, mediocre mobile games.

Diablo doesn’t belong on a damn phone. Belongs on PC, and it certainly doesn’t belong in the hands of a PoS Chinese company.


I’ve played Diablo since D1 and am one of those happy to play it on mobile with my kids. The mobile market is huge and it’s about time considering all the clones out there that don’t quite get it right.


So i did stumble upon this :smiley:


To get some insight into the mindset of longterm diablo fans, listen to MrLlama’s opinion on the reveal. He is a diablo 2 streamer and has been active in the community for a long time and puts his opinions forward in a respectful and thoughtful way (the video is long, but the first 15-20 minutes are the most relevant).

As many already has said, we dont mind that they are making a diablo mobile game. What we do mind is blizzard not respecting their longterm fans. They should know that these people are mostly pc gamers.

And yes, we know that they most likely have diablo 4 or something equavalent in the works, but were not ready to announce it - but why in the burning hells would they not just give us the hint/teaser/title or something? This whole disaster could have been avoided.

They look so disconnected from the longterm fans. It feels really bad seeing the game company that you have been supporting for years, disapoint in such a major way. It would have taken so little effort on their part to reasure the fans that a big diablo project is in the works - all they needed to do was show us the title.


I think that the real reason why people hate the Diablo Immortal this much is because the Diablo community has been requesting several things from Blizzard for years now, such as new content and classes for D3, D1/D2 remaster and D4 (obviously).

Blizzard says that they’re listening to our feedback and that they’re in close touch with their community. But this year’s Blizzcon proved them otherwise, because they totally ignored Diablo community’s requests and introduced a mobile game to their hardcore PC community and expect them to be happy about it.

I don’t think that the backlash would have been this severe if they had announced the game differently, like: “We’re working on D4, but it’s not ready for announcement just yet. So here’s this mobile game that you can play while we work on the D4.” But nothing, not a single word or any piece of information was given from their other “multiple Diablo projects” (their own words, not mine) and the mobile game is the only thing that the hardcore PC Diablo community has to go on with.

The reason why mobile games such as Fallout Shelter, Elder Scrolls Blades or Gears Pop had a positive response was because they were announced as a side product together with the main game that people were hoping for. If Blizzard had done the same with the Diablo Immortal they wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

Then there’s the other stuff such as the attempt to do damage control on their youtube channels where they re-uploaded their videos to reset the like/dislike ratio, removing dislikes/comments and so on. That only added more fuel to the fire, but that’s irrelevant here and a topic for another time.