Why the Hate on Diablo Mobile?


I keep reading through the forums and seeing all the hate being directed to Diablo Immortal and see the upset that it has caused, but the question is, why do you hate it being on mobile?

I’m not trying to justify Blizzard’s decision on why they went mobile; I just want to know why there’s a ton of anger.


because around 90% of us are PC gamers, we have a 1k€-2k€ PC with a big fat screen as a gaming setup and dont want to play on such a small device.
also we are used to invest way to much hours into the games we love and get lost in an awesome world with awesome mechanics.

we dont want to play 10-30min on a train, we want to escape the real world for some hours and relax.


also, I have never seen any mobile game like this, that deviated from the standard mobile game model.

I mean, all of them are to some point anime. So will be diablo. Even the UI has already been disclosed, and it looks the same as in these korean half-anime games.


Nobody is hating Immortal Diablo. Nobody is saying, it’s a bad game. But Diablo is and was a PC game. The community desperatly wants new content, Diablo4, Diablo2 Remaster or at least Expnasion pack Druid… but they get nothing. Blizzard ignored the Diablo community with no content at all.
A sneak trailer for Diablo 4 or Diablo 4 for PC and mobile would have solved all issues, Fortnite supports all plattforms too. Why not Diablo? But smartphone only is a slap in the face and saying “we listen to the fans”, which are Diablo PC Gamers from he first hour.


Look up what happened to Dungeon Keeper, Sim City, and Command and Conquer. All three went PC => Mobile => dead.

NetEase has a reputation in China that’s worse than EA.

Mobile games have a lot of extremely predatory P2W shovelware on their markets.

The Diablo franchise is, for all intents and purposes, considered abandoned by the community because we aren’t seeing anything new, just more of the same - no new expansions, no sequel, no remasters.

The problem is that many of us that really enjoyed the Diablo franchise feel like we’ve been slapped in the face because (I’m assuming) the vast majority of us are PC gamers. For us, the Apple/Android platform is not something you game on because we want to play for several hours at a time - and the only way to do that on a cell phone is to be tethered to a power outlet.

Blizzard should not have chosen BlizzCon to announce Diablo Immortal, and they should also announced the existence of another Diablo expansion or sequel at the same time… otherwise it looks like Blizzard is finally trying to kill off this neglected franchise.


It’s not the game I hate, it’s the scummy actions being taken to suppress the amount of dislike others have for it that I’m taking issue with. There’s at least four trailers uploaded with two of them being unlisted. General comment removal. Takedowns on Twitch. And the latest I’ve heard about, but not seen, is account suspension and post removal here on the forums.


Blizzard say “We’re listening”…
But they ignore everything that the community says they want for Diablo, Diablo 4, or even a new expansion, not even a new class like Druid.

They have been ACTIVISIONED. Diablo Immortal will be a blatant cash grab on a franchise we love. It will be crammed with MTX.

Blizzard/Activision are not saying “we are listening” they are saying "Give us your Money!!!)


Because I have no phone!


agreed, just see what happened to lineage 2 revolution. They just used the well-known name for marketing.

I have, but they talked about android and iOS, and nokia 3310 doesn’t have any of them.


The problem is blizzard considered it a big announcement. It’s not…


I, like many other PC gamers, love playing games on PC. Mobile phone games are for break times. I played mobile games while waiting in the Dr. office or seating on my toilet waiting to complete my business. Although I’m not a hardcore fan of Diablo, but I’ve played Diablo since Diablo II. I was very disappointed finding out that the Diablo PC version is dead.

This time, it felt like the the heroes have died and Diablo finally won, and it’s the end of the world of Diablo.


The problem i see it be is not that they announced a Diablo mobile but that they Only announced Diablo mobile game. They say that they have multiple Diablo project aside Diablo Immortal…Show it then! Show a small clip like 20sec of a D2 remastered or something from D4, make your fans excited and then announce D:I.


Watch their reactions to the questions about ‘can we play this on PC?’ (you know… where Blizz games LIVE), ‘Will some of these features [that we asked for] be brought to DIII?’ and ‘What about classes like druid?’

Ever watch ‘The Princess Bride’? (If you have not… you are bad … go watch now)
The scene where Humperdink tells Buttercup that ‘Every ship in the fleet’ will be there to celebrate their wedding… and Buttercup says ‘except the four you sent to look for Wesley’. Humperdink’s reaction is what Wyatt’s reaction reminded me of.

That ‘oh… crap. DIII is a thing people care about… um…’ That. The weak ‘we have a lot of teams working on different things’ was just… insulting. Double down with the ‘do you not have mobile phones’ comment just poured fire on it.
YES. YES WE DO. And this is not what we want.


Well, this is YOU, not all of us PC-Gamers think that way.
I actually have a job, I often got there by train, so besides my 2k€ PC, I would also LOVE to have some good mobile games as well.

PC-Diablo is NOT dead, I bet they’re working on part 4.

Yes, there are people who don’t want to play a Diablo mobile game.
But you are not forced to play it or to pay for it. Why are there so many people who cannot say: “Well, I think I don’t like it, but I hope the ones who play it enjoy that game”?

Let me explain that to you: I’m honestly NOT interested in all that new stuff in Hearthstone. But there are many other people who are happy and enjoy that, so I’m happy for them and don’t cry because blizz could have spent more time and money for “my” games instead.

  1. Announcing it at Blizzcon - There was tremendous hype and expectation from the crowd for actual Diablo news. The immediate backlash and reaction shows just how little actual market research they did.

  2. PC gamers - Yes, I have a smartphone. No, I don’t want to use it to play games. I have a nice expensive rig for that with dual monitors, gaming keyboard and mouse, and extremely nice headphones. Why would I want a crappy little screen with terrible controls? Also, WiFi on a phone/tablet is NOT the same as my dedicated high speed Internet PC connection.

  3. Microtransactions - Don’t pretend for an instance that this is not exactly what D:I is trying to do. EA already tried this nonsense with games like Dungeon Keeper and Command & Conquer with scornful results. It’s also extremely telling that D:I has already been shown to be a reskin of an existing NetEase ARPG, so this is just blatant bait and switch.

  4. MMO? - Unlike Fornite where EVERYONE can play the same game on mobile, PC, or console, this is specifically been called out not to be PC supported. So, have fun playing a game by yourself, while Diablo fans are actually doing Seasonal and other content for their main accounts.

Terrible idea, and even more terrible execution.


It isn’t even the truth that people are getting angry about. On top of that, grown adults are throwing their toys out of the pram like spoilt babies. Just when did this devolution happen?

If there’s one point I would like to echo then I too think it’s refreshing that Blizzard are taking more than a passing interest in mobile development. It’s too easy to shrug off a phone as nothing more than a communication device. It isn’t a wild idea to imagine the processors and operating systems of our phones making their way into the desktops of the future. If this happens then Blizzard will ready. Blizzard haven’t said there will definitely be no desktop version, instead they have said that it isn’t planned at the moment, and this makes good sense. With the rate that mobile phones are improving, who’s to say that we won’t be using them in the future as our main computers via docking stations?

It’s in my nature to put things nicely, which is quite difficult since so many people have been nasty when vocalising their opinions of Diablo Immortal. So to put it nicely, people have been complaining that in order to ‘win’ at a mobile game then players will be expected to pay for the privilege. There is no evidence that Blizzard intend people to pay to win, and even if they do choose to charge in-game, the game will have to be paid for somewhere. The most obvious option to me is to make it subscription based just like WOW, but that’s just me. Whatever Blizzard decide, there have been no details released with regards to micro transactions.

I think it is disgraceful how aggressive people have behaved in response to the announcement that Diablo Immortal will be mobile only. Such an intolerance to Blizzard extending its player-base to alternative platforms, along with the booing and sour remarks only serve to make the community as a whole look bad, when the majority of people actually look forward to Blizzard announcements.
A lot of the backlash seems to be around an expected loyalty to the desktop PC. The truth is that there is absolutely zero point in being loyal to the PC or Windows platform only. For those people that have taken out a second mortgage to pay for their desktop PCs only themselves to blame. To put more money than you can afford into a PC is plain foolish. To have a desktop PC is to have deep pockets.

For those that are excited about Diablo Immortal, please don’t let those out there that don’t understand your excitement spoil a wonderful thing. The people shrugging off Diablo Immortal as a re-skinning of an existing game are also putting down a lot of hard-working and talented people.

Also, to all those that think that using the words ‘Korean’ and ‘Chinese’ as derogatory terms is acceptable in today’s society. Well, it isn’t. To do so is racist and nothing more. To be racist cheapens our community. Kindly, please stop it, and leave it where it belongs in the shameful past.


Blockquote I think it is disgraceful how aggressive people have behaved in response to the announcement that Diablo Immortal will be mobile only.

And I think it’s disgraceful that there are posters who lack sympathy and understanding and write off people with very valid concerns as “juvenile”.


OC its me, but like u can see, i’m not alone with this statement and op was interested in understandig why people react this way.

when this game is something u are interested in, then i’m totaly fine with this and will not judge you.

when u say pc diablo is not dead, than i have also to say, that is you. since d2 lod, this franchise is dying. d3 is now an acceptable game, but what and when was the time, we got content. we are starving for new stuf in our beloved franchise, but instant they try to get a foot in the chinese mobile-game market.

i would love to throw some of my money at them for good new content, but they reject to deliever me something in exchange.


you know what, im not bound to my pc, even when its my favorite gaming device.
but i will never be willing to play on my smartphone, because i cant enjoy it.
the screen is to small and touch is so unpricise, that i will never accept this as my control system.

when u like to play on mobile, i’m fine with this, but dont expect me to also think so.


We have given them loads of ideas. This was not a single idea anyone has asked for. I understand their need to make money. But to reskin a mobile game is a huge joke. It will fall flat in america. One of those games you download play for 5 minutes and get tired of ad’s popping up left and right.