Where can we get our WC3 keys if we preordered WC3: reforged?


Thanks for the post.

I also pre-ordered with the conception that we could play the classic game online right away.

I have re-downloaded the game from the classic game archive and since this new patch I was not even prompted to enter in CD-keys. When attempting to connect to BNET, I was able to create a new account but notified upon signing in that “the key in use has been disabled,” but what key was in use exactly when I was not able to enter one…

It would be awesome for Blizzard to just open up online play on the classic version so we can all get excited for Reforged…

Appreciate it!


How to install classic WC3 + TFT after purchasing REFORGED:

Hey guys, i just found out how to install and play classic WC3 and TFT after purchasing reforged.

Here is how it worked for me.

Today i found my old CD keys from WC3 and TFT, after i did a redeem on battle.net i can download online installer, wich allows me to choose from two options:

Than o choose login, and thats it!
No CD keys required after login, so i hope this will help you out with classic WC3 :slight_smile:

Link to onlineinstaller: https://eu.battle.net/download/getInstaller?os=win&installer=Warcraft-III-Setup.exe

(sry for my english)


Where is my key ? I bought Spoil of War edition… …


Thanks i7Force!
That one worked for me as well :slight_smile:


I got the game installed and started thanks to i7 but I can’t get online? and I thought the latest patch made widescreen resolutions possible am I missing something?


Bought it yesterday after a coworker told me that it came with free RoC and FT CD Keys. He has already gotten his. About how long do I need to wait to get my CD Keys?


@ i7Force

It works!! Thank you so much


hey how long do i need to wait for the key?

thank you in advance


It works! thank you. I really hope blizzard would add the original game in battle.net software too.


I think I have 2 and 3 original games already but I stopped playing 3 awhile back and looking forward to WC3 reforged. I hope we have some of the same features that we had in 3. :heart_eyes_cat:


I bought this months ago ive just found out about the CD keys and i cannot find them anywhere in my email


If you are trying to get classic and you DO have a key. If you need to get the game its self go here: https://us.battle.net/account/management/download/?show=classic Its the classic list, Wc3 ROC & TFT will be downloadable and you can get it here. I played the game and always had played it since 2006. I love wc3 RTS.
TIP - Your key should be given to you via “Purchase History” if you dont have it then Idk what to say.


If you did pre-order the reforged version you just need to download/install the classic version: https://us.battle.net/account/download/

When the installation is complete you launch it then you have two choices, enter a CD key or run via a battle-net account, the last one will ask your account informations then you’re set


I can only see a grey ICON in my battle plathform


Hello, I read the comments in here, and I didnt quite grasp where to find a CD-key after Pre-purchasing the Reforged version, since I really want play W3 right away :smiley: Do I just have wait a little? few days? Or do I have to do something for it… Dont get me wrong, but Blizzard should write something in an email such as “You will get your keay to RoC and TFT as soon as possible, be please patient a thank you for your support” because I am probably not the only person being troubled by this…


Unfortunately the BlizzCon forums is not the best place to be inquiring about this. I recommend posting in the WarCraft Iii: Reforged forums: