Where can we get our WC3 keys if we preordered WC3: reforged?


It appears that you cannot get ROC cd keys anymore. I had registered my tft one years ago, but without a real ROC cd key you cannot get on bnet. It would be great if we could play some parts of the old game again before reforged comes out!


Just to clear some things up if people haven’t seen it, it should be available “at a later date” with the pre-purchase, but no date listed yet.


I have the same problem. I lost my old key and now there are different information about Reforged. I can´t quite tell if there will be a ROC and TFT key with it. If someone got some official information about this let us know.
All i know is for now nobody got old keys.


“Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne are currently only available as part of the Warcraft III: Reforged prepurchase. Access to the games will be available at a later date to players who prepurchased Warcraft III: Reforged, but we currently do not have an ETA.”

Hm, so the GMs who have said there are no keys for ROC/TFT clearly don’t know about this link :-S
Honestly, this lack of organisation is pretty embarrassing by Blizzard. It really does not seem like they were ready to announce reforged at all, and now you can’t even buy the original games because they took the links down before they were ready… sigh I just want to play a game that has already been out for 15 years and is currently being played by plenty of other people… it seriously should not be this confusing/frustrating


I buy Reforge after Grubby told that blizzard giving keys or access to ppl dat pre order reforge of wc3 and TFT , aparetly was a bug or something. Answer blizzard plz. Whats happening i been a long blizzard supporter its been a week sinse the bug.


I pre-ordered Warcraft III Reforged because i thought i will get RoC and TFT keys. If Blizzard changes their mind and doesn’t give players classic keys, I will try to get a refund and wait till Reforged gets cheaper, really…


Damn, Blizzard seems to have lost it… Really wanted to replay the classics before Reforge comes out, and just no option available. I am so willing to pay for it, even I have paid it in the past?


I purchased reforged and expected WC3 key. Because rumors said it would be available for free when you preorder. But this information was wrong?


Hi The Doors, every GM I have spoken to has said that RoC and TFT keys will be given out to people who preordered reforged. However, they will not commit to an ETA, have given no progress updates about this and are not allowed to give details. Basically we’re getting the silent treatment, however, at SOME point, the keys will be distributed.


So maybe we won’t get the keys before the final release. I don’t like this. The BlizzCon made me really want to play Warcraft again.


Definitely disappointed that Blizzard didn’t implement an easy way of distributing classic WC RoC and TFT CD keys immediately after reforged announcement. Pretty big oversight, wouldn’t it be obvious that players would want to try out the originals prior to reforged release?

Hope they fix this issue asap


Where’s the official response to this? All I’m getting is heresay.


I found that article posted above and still get my GMs telling me there will be no RoC on store anytime now. The article is clear in its statement but then WHY not a single blue answers any forum about it? Article again below.


Well I’m here too…
Just tried to purchase Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne, since my old boxes are at parents place, but it’s not available. Now I see I’m not going to pre-purchase the Reforged edition either to get the classic keys… Blizz please make us able to play Warcraft III, it’s one of your greatest games of all time!


Thanks for the info guys, looking forward to playing my good ol’ fav game of all time again. Glad I don’t have to wait until Reforged comes out to do that <3


Good thing I registered my CD Key on my BNet acct back in 2009 back when they made that available. I still have my CDs but even if I didn’t, I would be able to redownload because I did. If I get another CD key for preordering I’ll apply it to my SO’s acct. Hopefully you all get the issue resolved soon. But if you still have your old CDs, you should be able to register them on your bnet acct.


There is now official annoucnment from game developer on warcraft3 forum. He believes to have it done by December 1st.



Nice to see this. The hope came back. :slight_smile:


The new patch has landed.
Click the link at the top of the post to download the game for windows (WIN), or Mac (MAC)



Nice post.
I have also pre-purchased the Reforged version. I am looking forward to receiving my CD-keys for Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne.
I’d hate to sound out of line, however, when can we expect these keys?

Appreciate it!