Where are all of the panels?

I was somewhat busy this weekend, so I was expecting to see some of the panels and Q/As I missed, but the only thing that I can see right now is the opening ceremony, the “Whats Next” panels, and the costume and community night.

Where is all of the content? I have purchased the Virtual Ticket every year, and I am hoping this is a timing issue, but in previous years I don’t recall this much lag between event and post of that event.

Please let me know if I can expect this content to be loaded to the website.

Thank you much,


Everything is up on the BlizzCon Watch page. Is there a specific panel you’re looking for Lazurk?

Keep in mind that there are a lot of things that physical attendees had access to that were not going to be streamed. The schedule of streamed content can be found on the BlizzCon Schedule page.*

*I’ve seen some reports that the vods aren’t linked to their panel ‘bubble’ on the schedule. I’ll be looking into that but you should still be able to search for them on the watch page.

Nothing shows up for day 2 of blizzcon to watch now, day 1 shows up perfectly, just not day 2.