What is wrong with people!?


Hands down the worst blizzcon period. I have been to 5 blizzcons and have been watching them for years longer and this was the first time i was utterly dissapointed. the opening ceremony was to long, boring and lacked really anything impactful. OW,Hots,HS all announced the bare min of content even less then normal, and the only franchise that really actually provided more then normal content was warcraft and then of course the Diablo announcement was the nail in the coffin. I mean everyone was expecting Diablo to be the big game this blizzcon and it wasnt so take that away then it was a bust.


Technically Act-Blizz can announce a AAA title every year. They are a freakin huge company. This is a flagship event and people pay money to attend in person and virtually. Don’t do a Q and A and allot 5 minutes at the end for any Q and A because the backlash has been tremendous. Also don’t give vague statements that Blizz is working on several Diablo projects just to appease the die-hard fans. Diablo mobile is a cash-grab pure and simple for the Asian markets. More power to Act-Blizz to make shareholders some cash but at least pretend to give a crap about their loyal fans


It’s a vocal minority that likes to listen to their own complaining. Makes them feel important. Pay them no mind.


Blizzcon has become more about the community and the esports dig than game announcements for a while now. My family and I watch it more for the cosplay, art, panels and esports than for the “big reveals”. Though I must admit, it was a bit of a bummer not to get an In game mount/pet for wow but I’ve really enjoyed this blizzcon and I’m presently enjoying Lindsy rock the violin so, I think it’s a total win!


I like the idea of Diablo on mobile, I’m sure I’m a minority here. Diablo 4 is in the works I’m happy if u could play while blizzard works on PC d4.

First I can understand why core Diablo fans are upset, because it’s not d4, beacuse mobile is associated strongly with anything loot box and pay to win.

Having said that I played D1, D2 and D3 but I never got to play enough D3, because as an adult I have very little time for it. I wish I could try more classes In D3. The switch really got me thinking, and I decided not to get one cause it was just to much hassle to carry it around. I thought if only could blizzard could bring the switch version on mobile.

So the Diablo immortal announcement was even better as it will be a new story, specifically designed for mobile. I could get a chance to try it on mobile.

you know if the game came out and felt like a bad watered down version filled with loot box and pay to win then I can simply chose not to play it, but at this satge I’m not mad at blizzard because it’s a different platform. And I haven’t played the finished game.

Hopefully blizzard develop a mobile game worth of Diablo name and quality to that of other blizzard titles.


Don’t mind the OP guys - just another sheep. How dare we ask for more?!


theyre the cash grab company now, look at all the stuff they sell in their games now. Even WoW had excessive fees for things like moving characters to different servers, is $25 worth of work being done by an automated system for example. Other devs learned it was better to let people move around if they wanted to. Don’t try to maximize every dollar from a game because ultimately it sours the experience for many gamers to the point where we have ended up here.

It all got worse after the merger. Blizzard used to stand for something in the gaming industry and I don’t feel they occupy that space of prestige for quite some time now. They make good games too but the used to be great


Personally i have been waiting for a game like this for mobile, so im happy with the news about one of my favorite games comming to mobile. I much rather see a game like this rather than remakes of old games that i already played (wow, wc3 and seems like alot of people wants a remake of d2 as well). I loved D2 and played it for very long, but at the same time i rather play something new than replay something i already played but with better graphics.

Looking forward to the next blizzcon and i really hope for one of the following titles:
World of Starcraft
Diablo 4
World of Diablo

I love the passion around these games, but also i think people are overreacting and getting way to angry…

Have a nice day everyone! <3


> Second, if you don’t enjoy a particular game, DON’T PLAY IT!

I have to stop you here.

If all haters stops playing now, this company will go bankrupt very quickly.
The reason moan is because people care and want changes.


And they preemptively made a news blurb telling people to temper their expectations as there wasn’t going to be anything major announced for the Diablo franchise, not on the level people were expecting.

Thing is, there’s a way to tell them that is constructive and compelling. 99% of all the feedback thus far has come across as nothing but whining and useless in terms of helping them make future BlizzCons a better experience.


First off it’s a Chinese knock off. It was not made by the Diablo team. It was simply re skinned using D3 character models. Secondly the Diablo fan base has asked for things like maybe an expansion. I remastering of D2. Not once have they asked for a MOBILE GAME!!! Why is that so hard for you fan boys to realize. Yeah it may be a big hit in the Asian market but it will die a horrible death here state side. So why announce something that isn’t going to be a hit here? A smart company would have done some research to see what the fans would think before they made fools of themselves.


Another person that doesn’t get it, it’s not about being rude. It’s about how blizzard is a company capable of a lot and they’ve basicky failed real core diablo fans for years. They made it sound like they were really going to come through for them for once. Then let them down. Then mocked them.


So true same as the people who said Solo would fail we sure showed them


Apparently BlizzCon is no longer about getting the family together to share their love of their favorite company with other like minded individuals. They have multiple games, all coming out with new content in some form every year. If all you want is a new game announcement every 1-2 years, they may as well just do videos like Nintendo with their Nintendo Direct announcements. Save everyone the heartache. It’s like celebrating Christmas or any other gift holiday for just the gifts. I get you pay money and fly out. But why else are you there? If just the announcements and being there to hear and see that stuff. Get the virtual ticket, a 4K TV with a sweet sound bar, stay home and eat popcorn, then go play WoW when it’s over.


Maybe you didn’t notice I know it’s only been mentioned in at least a hundred posts the Virtual Tickets were so badly broken and they are not getting there money back in refunds by Blizzard so I guess your whole 4k Tv Idea doesn’t really stand up.


You’re entitled, we blizzard fans aren’t complaining for no reason

we don’t expect new titles every year, we have waited over 6 years considering how much of a disappointment diablo 3 was compared to diablo 2.

just to hear about a mobile p2w diablo rip off by netease because their goal is to make loads of profit in china which is why diablo immortal has no plans for pc, like come on it’s Blizzard the least we can expect is a pc / mobile cross platform…


I think that the backlash wouldn’t have been this severe if they handled the Diablo Immortal announcement more wisely.
When you have a hall full of PC players awaiting for the Diablo announcement, the last thing you want to do is to only give them a mobile game.

To make matters worse, Blizzard even stated in one of their interviews after the Blizzcon that Diablo Immortal’s target audience isn’t the core Diablo audience at all, but instead the game’s target audience are Eastern countries such as China and the kids in the Western countries.

And to make matters even worse, I think they announced in that same exact interview that they currently have multiple mobile projects in development across all of their IPs and that they’ve moved their best developers onto those projects. (no wonder the current Blizzard games are in such a bad shape right now)

How did you expect the core audience (PC gamers) to reach to such news?
Of course they’re being upset and angry, because they feel let down by Blizzard who has always produced mainly high quality PC games.
It doesn’t help their case either when they don’t communicate with their community at all.

I’d like to end this with this quote from Steve Jobs, because it fits well with the current Blizzard:
When the people that can make the company more successful are sales and marketing people, they end up running the companies. The product people get driven out of the decision making forums, and the companies forget what it means to make great products.
-Steve jobs (The Lost Interview)


This wasn’t an expectation of ours to get a AAA title every year - IN FACT we’ve been waiting 6 years lol for next Diablo game - IT’S BEEN 6 YEARS and 4 years since Reaper of Souls expansion. The fact that they reskinned a foreign company game and handed a large part of the development to them is absolute bonkers, and the reason why so many of us are upset. Why the hell has it taken 6 years for them to be where they are with state of progress on a “mobile backwards step version of Diablo 3” essentially that is a re-skin of said foreign company’s previous game. It is an absolute disgrace and insult to all of us loyal fans. THAT my friend is why all of us are mad and upset and feel betrayed among the overwhelming wave of disappoint.


Only 90’s Kids will know…


only 90’s kids will know.