What are you hoping to see at this year's con?


Looking good for Diablo this year… Looking good!


Update on Classic WoW development status.


I want WoW Classic news !


I’m interested mainly in WoW Classic; hopefully there will be some news about that.
Also a Diablo announcement.


I hope these are announced…

  • New Diablo game or Diablo 3 PSVR (or VR on PC), and Diablo Esport Scene like they almost had in Diablo 3 PvP Arena System
  • Warcraft 3 remastered
  • Overwatch new game mode
  • Heroes of the Storm new Heroes and Maps
  • 2v2 mode for Hearthstone


I expect something new like Diablo 4, World of Diablo (the dream), Warcraft 4 and more things. :wink:


Starcraft new content!!!


Wow classic mainly and wacraft 1-3 remastered.


Please new diablo release - remake d2/new diablo game or other fun thing



As a long time Blizzard fan, I am grateful for anything they release. Working in the industry myself, I’ve seen how difficult it can be in producing and releasing any games and that has allowed me to become more humble about everything that comes through. So sure I hope for anything Diablo, but also hope to hear any news about the mobile game thats been in the work for some time :).


I would love to see something big for Diablo, however, with the switch version coming out, I am not holding my breath for that just yet.
I would be ecstatic to see some kind of playable story line or multiplayer campaign mode for OW. Maybe a few new maps/ game modes / skins. Also excited for the new expansion teams for the OWL.
Whatever Hearthstone has to offer I’m sure will be fantastic.
I think it would be dope to see a Starcraft 3 or something in the Starcraft universe although unlikely.
I am just NOW getting in to WoW, so to be able to play remastered versions of the initial games is definitely on my list.
Kinda interested to see IF / WHAT new games Blizzard is going to add to Battlenet this year.


It “should” be a very big year for Diablo. They wouldn’t put out an announcement talking about multiple (some long term) projects and have the Switch announcement that they were just going to announce the next week online be the core of what they are hyping. The hype is coming from CM Nevalistis who made it a point to let us Diablo fans to not expect anything last year. I can’t imagine her making a false hype announcement now :smiley:


It should be a big year for Diablo and a good Blizzcon overall.
I dont care about Overwatch or Hearthstone , havent played them in ages , nor will I ever play Hearthstone again , since Stardard/Wild separation it became pure p2w , every expansion or two you throw your cards in the garbage and have to buy new ones.We are going to get a new HS expansion and 1 new OW hero , nothing exciting.

Havent played SC and SC2 in a long time too , but there were a lot of years when my life revolved around them , so I still care , hope for something interesting , though I dont exxpect it.

Love HoTS , play it all the time (except last month because BfA) , we will get 1 or 2 heroes and a map , sure cant wait to see them.

We will get 8.1 and possibly 8.2 info on WoW.The Azshara raid , possibly Nazjatar zone , will be interesting.Doesnt care about classic WoW at all though.

And the Diablo franchise.For the first time in alot of years we have reason to expect something.Its about time.Diablo 4?Diablo 2 Remastered?Who knows.But at least this year we can hope , there is a chance that was not there in the past few Blizzcons.

Out of all I hope most for Diablo 2 Remastered. Diablo 4 is close second , but thinking about how it will be full with microtransactions and lootboxes , my excitement dies a little.


I just found out last night that Blizzard had finally announced Warcraft 3 - Reforged, officially. Before then I’d given up all hope for Blizzard, now I’m very excited and already paid for my version of WC3 Reforged, for when it is to be released, no later then December 31, 2019!
Keep up the good work Blizzard!!!