Warcraft III - Reforged - Physical / Collector's Edition?


Hi guys,
Anyone know if there has been any rumors of a physical Collector’s Edition for the Warcraft III - Reforged release?


wtb a collector edition as well


Yeh i would love a CE for this game. i do have the CE for warcraft 3 reign of chaos so having the old meeting the new on my shelf would be awesome :smiley:


I would love to see a physical collectors edition come out. I currently own all CE’s for every Blizzard game released in this format, and let’s be honest, this Reforged game is more than just a little update.


PLZ! We need a physical collector edition!


I’d really love to get an physical edition of the game! Any news about this?


I too would like to know this. I want the in game “pre-order goodies” but if they come with a CE version that hasnt be announced then i’ll end up with 2 copies or should i run the risk of not pre-ordering and loose the goodies for ever. I wish Blizz would be more forthcoming on CE releaes to help its fan base.


I also approve of this - I would love to have a physical copy of the game. For me, it’d be much more appealing than the current “Spoils of War” edition anyway.


I would love to buy one aswell :slight_smile:


I too would love a physical Collector’s Edition. I have a physical copy of every Blizzard PC release since Warcraft, and most of those are Collector’s Editions. I wish they would’ve released a Collector’s Edition for StarCraft Remastered… So I truly hope they release one for Reforged! I know there are thousands of others just like me… So hopefully we will get a legit Collector’s Edition.


This is a little more than just making it HD (which is what SC Remastered feels like imo) so, I would definitely think this gets a really nice Collector’s Edition box set. I will preorder in a heart beat if they do one. I probably would’ve for SC Remastered too tbh.


Would be awesome to get the chance for a CE of Warcraft 3 Reforged. This game changed sooo much to the better. I think it’s just fair for it to receive a proper collector’s edition.


Really want a physical edition for Warcraft 3 reforged. Very special game to me from my childhood, hope it isn’t digital-only!


It seems a little late for them to announce a physical collector’s edition now. Usually they announce collector’s editions for games/expansions many months before the launch of the game to give people plenty of time to pre-purchase.

If they don’t announce anything about a physical collector’s edition in September chances are they are not bothering with that and only going with digital deluxe.