Warcraft III reforged Beta acces

I read that the people with a virtual ticket get also a Beta acces to the Warcraft III reforged, is this true? Where can I find it (just purchased a ticket :wink: )

Thanks in advance

That’s not true afaik.

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Just install it in your Blizzard launcher.

Ow nice, it automaticly grants me acces to beta? Becaus i haven’t received or seen a code anywhere.

If you have a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket on your Blizzard account, then yea you’ll just be invited.

I will toss on this callout though!
When we initially started inviting folks who pre-purchased the Spoils of War edition, those players started receiving their invite emails (notification only) before the accounts were done getting flagged for access (there were a lot!). So just sit tight :slight_smile: You’ll see it appear in your launcher once you are granted access.

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Thanks :smiley: just so excited about this game! Loving it!

Anyone with ticket have W3 already ? I don’t have any mail from blizzard, there is nothing in laucher as well :frowning: Do i have to do something to get acces?


Same, still nothing on the Launcher :confused:

Same here in Germany … :frowning:

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Zulraar Please tell me if you have your activation in Germany thanks

I tried to cover this in my reply but I’ll try to be more clear -

While the beta invites will start going out later today, there will be a lot of folks to get setup with access. So it will not be an immediate flip on situation.

I already got my beta! Check your launcher :wink:

Be sure to deploy over the greyed-out install button where it says “Warcraft III” and choose “Warcraft III: Reforged Beta”

Germany can now Download the Beta too :slight_smile: