Warcraft 4 RTS - July 3, 2022

I’ve done thinking about Warcraft 3 clans being gone now, and realizing maybe it did no harm… they were cool in 2006 when lots of players, I hoped lots of people be on with Reforged, maybe we have enough, maybe the industry is changing with cell phones and all… but if WC3 is gonna be only what it is with current Reforged, then I’d definitely like to see a Warcraft 4 announcement, 2022 would be the 20 year anniversary. I’d love to have a release date on the 20 year anniversary from when Warcraft 3 was originally released - July 3, 2002.

Also, since Diablo got a game on the mobile devices, maybe Warcraft RTS players could get a game on the cell phone, maybe even one like “Clash of Clans”, where we even have clans? I’d support that idea in addition to Warcraft 4 RTS, but definitely a WC IV RTS for PC.