Warcraft 3 - Remastered


Thank you very much for working on WC3 - Remastered! I am very much looking forward to the big announcement this year at Blizzcon! Warcraft 3 was always my favorite game, I have always said Warcraft 4 would be the only game I would ever buy, if I ever buy another video game again, but a Warcraft 3 - Remastered would satisfy my craving just the same, a 2nd expansion to the Remastered Edition would really put a cherry on my turtle ice cream.


I know Warcraft III was patched earlier this year, but Blizzard hasn’t announced that they’re remastering the game. I personally think it’s gonna happen at some point, but we shouldn’t assume a BlizzCon announcement is coming.


Warcraft III Reforged, best game announcement ever!!!